ACER CB3-431 14" Full HD Chromebook (ex-Display) £179.99 at

ACER CB3-431 14" Full HD Chromebook (ex-Display) £179.99 at

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Found 11th Apr 2017
I bought one of these not so long ago for £280. In my opinion, it's a great Chromebook and is on the list to shortly allow use of apps from the Google Play Store. Very fast (it boots up in seconds). Thought this might be good deal for someone considering a Chromebook - this is the better spec one with 4GB RAM and 32MB storage. Currys and Argos are selling it at £279.99.

Edit: ( Cabinet Display ) Ex Demo units ( A+ Grade ) like new condition.
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Heat from me
Is this touch screen?
BTW this is ex demo, add that into your description
Ex display with 3 month warranty

Is this touch screen?

No, not a touch screen. I do rate the multi-gesture touch pad though - very intuitive.
After buying my first Chromebook around 3 years ago, I'd never go back to using a standard laptop for my everyday use. I upgraded to a FHD one and again would never go back. Well worth the money, silent, quick, major battery time. Amazing bit of kit.

Heat added! The cost of FHD Chromebooks are coming down now it seems, definitely worth spending a little bit extra as it makes a huge difference if you use it everyday.

BTW this is ex demo, add that into your description

I think this one of those Chromebook models that have access to the play store already
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cheers about the apps my Acer 15 cb5-571 is on the list.
i got this one 2nd hand only 2 weeks ago, paid £150 and that included a Curry's receipt with 10 months of the warranty remaining. i got this as an upgrade, am already sold on chromebooks. i wouldn't go back to a laptop now
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