Acer D255 8Hour Dual Core Netbook - £239.99 @ Argos

Acer D255 8Hour Dual Core Netbook - £239.99 @ Argos

Found 15th May 2011
Smart netbook. Good for homework, etc. Decent battery life and has multi-touchpad - like the mac.
I guess all the tech-wiz's will have something to say...! Go ahead guys...


Seems a bit steep for a 10 inch, 1gb ram, 250gb HD.

Personally I don't think its a bad price for a dual core net top, unless anybody can link to another one that's cheaper...

Amazon has just one white one left at £233.46 here…1-7

There is also another listing of Amazon for the same item for £240.07…-11

and a Market place seller Valutech who are selling them for £240.04 delivered so there are other options.…new


I have a HP DM1, It has a built in HD graphics card, it can play full screen 1080P just as long as its on the netbooks HDD, but when you full screen youtube 1080p it stutters over wireless.

Amazing battery life, it lasts all day and night, and I do a lot of extracting and downloading.

It has a u2300 Dual core with 3gb ddr3 memory, and a 11" screen Paid £280.00

Best purchase I made,

I'd spent £10 more on this which has much better graphics and a 1280x720 screen.
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