Acer Emachines 350 Black Netbook - 250GB - £147 *Instore* @ Asda

Acer Emachines 350 Black Netbook - 250GB - £147 *Instore* @ Asda

Found 2nd Feb 2011Made hot 2nd Feb 2011
Found a bargin at my Asda in West Bridgford Nottingham, not sure if Nationwide but i dont see why it shouldnt be....
There isnt any boxes on the shelf but you can see the price £189 reduced to £147 (directly below the 1tb buffalo hard drive) and there are dvd cases at the till point which you take to the till when you buy. When i was there there were about 8 dvd cases, which may or may not indicate how many they have in stock?
The cheapest place i found the same machine prev is at PC World in their sale at £169.99 with topcashback of around 3%.(Just looked on pcworld at 2.55pm 2/2/11 and they have put up the price of this netbook to £199.99 - definately was £169.99 this am)
Hope this helps someone as it has good reviews on amazon. (Price on amazon is £209.99 for 160gb).
(sorry havent got a pic, not sure how to up my reciept)

Windows 7 Starter (32 bit)
Intel Atom N450
250gb HDD memory
2 in 1 card reader
3-cell Li-ion Battery
10.1 inch screen


This seems much better value than the other Tesco one listed just now, since it's 250GB instead of 160GB and Windows 7 (albeit starter) instead of XP. Only downside is 1GB limit on scabby w7 starter.

Looks good for the money - thanks for posting
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Only downside is 1GB limit on scabby w7 starter.

Pretty sure that you can upgrade the memory up to 2gb on w7 starter? But I will stand corrected...

Valmiki's right, it can take up to 2GB which is fine for a netbook like this.…ons

Thanks to the OP.

3-cell battery

Voted hot anyway, great price for a netbook. Can't go wrong with Atom N450 and 250GB HDD either.
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Really solid price. Hot as ****.

will check in my local one tonight good price!!


Pretty sure that you can upgrade the memory up to 2gb on w7 starter? But … Pretty sure that you can upgrade the memory up to 2gb on w7 starter? But I will stand corrected...

I upgraded my Samsung Netbook from 1Gb to 2Gb on Win7Starter. Its a decent OS (As far as windows goes!)

Great price, have some heat.


Nice, light it up!

Personally I think the Acer Tesco deal was slightly better. It did only have 160gb hdd, compared to this 250gb, but that one also has a 6 cell battery and dual Android start up, which for me anyway, are more value, especially the 6 cell battery. The 270 and 450n are practically irrelevant on a netbook. However, this is still a fantastic deal OP so heat added. What's going on at the min with all these laptop and netbook price slashes, seems everyones doing it except actual PC SHOPS.

i got the acer from tescos and very happy with it , main attraction was the 6 cell battery giving 6+ hours of use, but still this is a cracking deal very hot if national

Bought this 2 weeks ago for £187 :-( from that very store...

For anyone buying this, be sure to run something like PC 'De-crapifier' as soon as you get it. It'll probably come preinstalled with loads of bloatware that'll slow it down to a snail's pace and some people might think it's just a slow computer and not realise.

Even better, install Ubuntu on it instead of windows.

Got one in coventry walsgrave. thanks


Got one in coventry walsgrave. thanks

Rats, went too early. None in last night!

Asda Govan have them in store, husband got one today for daugher's first netbook.

None at my stores at Great Bridge or Tipton

£159 inc del @ Acer Direct - but only 3 months warranty....

Anyone know how well this stacks up against the Sony Vaio M11 ?

They had some in Ellesmere Port earlier tonight - I didn't ask how many they had though, I was just pleased to get one!
There weren't any out on display but the nice young man went to check if any had come in, he took a little while but eventually came back with one for me

Basildon (Essex) Asda has some in this weekend at £147; although boxed and badged as eMachines, it's actually made by Acer, as a quick read of the very brief user manual will reveal.

These are still in stock now
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