Acer Gemstone Blue 8920G-834G32BN@PCWORLD for £799, RRP £1100

Acer Gemstone Blue [email protected] for £799, RRP £1100

Found 1st Sep 2008
Excellent Laptop reduced by £300. This is my first post so any advice or criticism would be appreciated. Unfotrunately they are collect from store only.


It would of been nice if you had also posted the spec, as the link doesnt take you directly to the laptop.

Full specification
Processor Type Intel Core 2 Duo T8300
Processor speed 2400 The higher the number of Megahertz (MHZ) the faster the processor should be
Memory Size 4 GB MB
Memory Type DDR2
Hard Drive Capacity 320 GB The bigger the capacity the more you can store
Optical Drives Blu Ray Disc/DVD-Super Multi
CD-ROM Speed 24 x Enabling access to CD ROM data. The higher the number the faster the speed
CD-RW Speed. 10 x Enabling you to access and store data on CD-RW disks. The higher the number the faster the speed
DVD-ROM Speed 8 x Enabling you access to data on DVD. The higher the number the faster the speed
DVD-RW Speed 4 x Enabling you to store data on DVD. The higher the number the faster the speed
Floppy Disk Drive NO Floppy disks are 3.5" square and store a small amount of data. CDs,DVDs and memory sticks are now usually used instead
Screen Size/Type 18.4 HD WUXGA
Graphics Card Type NVIDIA GeForce 9500M GS To enable images to be displayed on your monitor
Graphics Memory 512 mb VRAM MB The higher the memory the better quality images you are display
TV-out NO Allowing you to plug your laptop into a TV to watch DVDs
Sound Type High Definition Audio Support To enable you to have sound from your computer which is great for games, movies and music
Modem Type 56k Enabling communication with others via the telephone line. A modem is used for the Internet, e-mail and faxing
Wireless Enabled YES Allows you to connect to an existing wireless network such as in a office or a wireless hot spot
No. of USB Connections 3 The more connections the computer has the more equipment you can connect to your computer e.g. a modem, printer, scanner, digital camera, PDA
No. of Firewire Connections 0 High speed data transfer link for digital video and other media. Ideal for quickly downloading video images from a camcorder to PC
Infrared Port Included NO Allowing you to connect to other devices with infrared such as an infrared enabled mobile phone
Other Interfaces WIFI, HDMI Port, BT
Battery Type Li-ion 8 cell
Battery life (up to) 2 hours
Software Titles Included Microsoft Works 9.0
Weight 4.1 kg This is the weight of the appliance in KG
Height 44.2 mm
Width 441.4 mm
Depth 300 mm
Colour Gloss Black

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ok thanks for that

Voted hot gooddeal decent price find better if you can

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At last someone has realised what a great deal this is. Cheapest I can find elswhere is £1050 so why no votes.

I'd guess it's possibly due to the fact that although it is a great deal, it's probably still above most peoples budget for a laptop, (mine for instance), so for those people this is not such a good deal.
Congrats on finding a great deal, but not one for me I'm afraid. :-)

cheapest ive ever seen this is 899, so very tempting as i want this notebook

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Ok thanks for comments. I still believe it is a great deal for a high spec laptop regardless of the price and was rather suprised to see it being voted cold.

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Limpduck are you sure it is the same model at £899. There are several 8920G's on the market with different processor speeds. This one is the medium speed of T8300. The slower one, T5750, is ussually priced at £899

tbh i did not know thay released the same laptop with various speeds, either way does it matter? its still a good deal...

the only thing stopping me buying one now this second is the graphics card.... im just not sure if its powerful enough for gaming at the native resolution.

i think i may wait for the Toshiba X300-11S to drop a bit.

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Absolutly mate. I just didnt want you to buy a laptop with a slower processor by mistake.
Good luck with your choice

Does it come in red? :p:whistling:
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