Acer Iconia W500 10.1" Multi-Touch Windows 7 Home Premium Tablet PC £237 (using £100 cashback) @ BHS Direct

Acer Iconia W500 10.1" Multi-Touch Windows 7 Home Premium Tablet PC £237 (using £100 cashback) @ BHS Direct

Found 13th Aug 2012
Windows tab, get £100 cash back from acer-…ing

Good price for this tablet.
The tab has good reviews on amazon.
Will work much better with win8 apparently (see YouTube).
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Windows7 is useless on tablet, i had the Android version of this and it was a decent tablet but i wouldnt beg the windows one especially with Windows8 in a couple of months that should support tablets properly. Do yourself a favour get a galaxy tab or a nexus.

wow looks great acer laptops r great so ??
had acer since 2006 and love
got too many tech so money will have to sell one of the kids!!!!!
Surely this is a great way of getting a very cheap windows 8 tablet using the upgrade offer.. Gets heat from me
Got one of these, win7 I thought was quite poor on it. It was slow and just didn't work well. I've since put win8 though only a preview and massive improvement. Much better experience with win8.
Yeah I got one of these through Save on Laptops about 3 weeks back and immediately stuck Win 8 on it, and its really quite decent with that. It should qualify for the £15 upgrade to Win8 too for the full version and the card reader worked fine with a 64GB SD card in the side solving the majority of my space concerns. Has reminded me to send in the cashback though which I'll do tonight!

It's a fingerprint magnet though with the screen, and I'd also say at least with the RP of WIn8 that you should switch your region to the US as it seems that app selection differs a lot between them. I was mainly after the comixology app which is still very hit or miss though but hopefully that'll improve.
You can register for a Windows 8 upgrade for £14.99 ( live October 26).....not bad running Windows 8
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