Acer n35 GPS handheld PDA £109.99
Acer n35 GPS handheld PDA £109.99

Acer n35 GPS handheld PDA £109.99

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The Acer N35 is a complete navigation system on the palm of your hand: Stylish, compact, powerful. The Acer n35 is based on a Pocket PC that utilises Microsoft® Windows® Mobile" 2003 Pocket PC Premium Edition and boasts a powerful processor and integrated GPS. Simply turn the Acer n35 on, flip up the antenna, insert the 256 MB SD-Card that holds "map'n'app" and off you go.

Use your n35 navigator to plan your route ahead for your next appointment and never be late. Optimise your trips and once on the road, get warned for speed limits. Voice prompts and different views will make your journey more comfortable and on it's bright 3.5"; LTPS TFT screen, you won't miss any detail. Get inspired by thousands of POI (points of interest) to find the nearest restaurant, hotel, museum, facility or, on very long trips: Gas or service stations. In addition to a fully professional navigation system you hold a full office and entertainment studio in your pocket.

Easily navigate to your favourites or any contact you stored and/or synchronized to Microsoft® Pocket Outlook® Pocket Outlook®. Once arrived work on Pocket Word® & Pocket Excel® sheets or read your emails. Coming back from your business trip, enjoy your favourite music and share some pictures and moments with your friends and family.No matter if you find your way by car, motorcycle, bike or as pedestrian, fully integrated the n35 never bulges your pockets and at just 165g, it will take you wherever you want to go. So, wherever you need to go, getting there was never as easy and pleasant as today!

Box Contents
# Acer n35
# 256 MB SD-Card with Destinator 3 & regional maps pre-installed
# Car holder
# Car charger



The link is wrong, this one?:

Where: Amazon UK



My m8 has had one of these for ages and he's happy with it.

It's a good price too.

Well done MStarkey.

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Added that link and pic to the OP

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Thanks Guy's - you fixed this while I was trying to !!

Will it run tomtom ?

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I have 2 colleagues who do - it works fine & they love it !


Will it run tomtom ?

Yes it does...but not sure how smoothly though as it's only a 266mhz processor.

Here's an example :


I have been using it for about an year with TomTom loaded. A few points:

1. It does run TomTom smoothly
2. Place it close to the windscreen or use external antena
3. Buy 512MB or even 1GB sd card and make full backup of the device on it, the backup manager is preloaded. It tends to freeze or lose settings when battery is flat often and the only way to recover is to do hard reset, thus losing all software and settings, at this point you use the backup on the sd card to restore everything in a minute
4. The power connector is fragile, be careful

Thanks for this and the extra info guys :santa:

You can get the N30 for £59 not sure how it compares or if it has a sat nav ariel ?


Not sure this is such a good deal as the battery connectors to the charger self destruct after a short time and the unit constantly needs resetting which means installing software as the unit doesn't save its settings from previous...

Just letting people know what problems exist with this particular piece of hardware..;-)

Thanks crazylegs :santa: Very useful to know and it doesn't make it look so good after all...

Hi, This is a very good GPS particularly for 109.99. Think that I'd paid approximately 229.99 for one of these from eBuyer approximately 18-months ago. Excellent find. Voted hot.

The N35 is fairly ancient and compares with the Mio168/MicroMaxx kit that Somerfield were selling last year for £119.99.

The Destinator 3 maps will be out of date - I reckon this is probably shipped with 2005 edition.

As this is a PocketPC it will run TomTom no problem and you can add Speed Camera POIs etc.

Not a bad price for the PDA on it's own, but it IS an old one.

Argos price currently £149.99 (Clearance - no stock!) and eBay 'benchmark price level' around £120.

Ignore the places showing these as £200+ - they won't have sold one for a year or so!

Link in OP fixed now :santa:

Thanks MStarkey :thumbsup:

Thanks off to Oz for a long break, and looking for something that I could upload some Aussie maps on to. Maps for my i3 are a really stupid price.

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Link in OP fixed now :santa: Thanks MStarkey :thumbsup:

No problem :thumbsup:

I've got the n30, and really impressed with it. The only difference I can see with the n35 is that it has GPS all ready? I bought a cheap bluetooth GPS receiver from ebay, works brilliantly with TomTom.

Thanks for the extra info and feedback, it's looking much more positive now :santa:

Ive had one of these for a few years, upgraded the OS via Acer site, and added TomTom, also got a 4gb card in and works great.
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