Acer N35 SatNav + PDA - £124.99 @ eBuyer

Acer N35 SatNav + PDA - £124.99 @ eBuyer

Found 19th Jan 2007
Here's a satnav & PDA with built in GPS arial which is much better and faster than the HP that I bought a year and a half ago for £300.
This is my first deal but feel free to lay into me if this isn't a bargain.

The Acer N35 is a complete navigation system that sits lightly in the palm of your hand. Stylish, compact and powerful, the N35 is the only mobile office you will ever need.

The Acer n35 has a powerful processor at its core and is based on Windows Mobile 2003 Pocket PC Premium Edition, making it not only a high spec PDA but an impressive GPS system.

Simply turn the Acer n35 on, flip up the antenna, select your mapping software and off you go. Use your n35 navigator to plan your route ahead for your next appointment and never be late. Voice prompts and different views will make your journey more comfortable and on its bright 3.5" LTPS TFT screen, you won't miss any detail. In addition to a fully professional navigation system you hold a full office and entertainment studio in your pocket.


Only problem I have with this is it takes far longer than my iPaq to acquire the satellites. I am using a HOLOX 32 channel GPS reciever with the iPaq and it even picks up the satellites inside my house! Using TOMTOM 6 its the business! Also have my drivers using the same thing.

So I think you all should 'steer' away from this and opt for a TOMTOM or a PDA with SIIRF or 32 channel (HOLOX) gps reciever.

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I'll tell you about the time it takes for that when i get it next week (honest)
But this problem wasn't reflected in the e buyer reviewers.
I hope your not comparing this with the new £400 IPAq's?

My current IPAQ has only 32MB of ram and hence often has to close everything down to run the Tom Tom 6 software.
The Acer has 96MB ram which should aleviate this problem.


Similar pda at … Similar pda at halfords;

Great deal but doesnt seem to be a pda as well. I may be wrong. Well probably am to be honest.

Yep it is a PDA aswell, it runs windows mobile 2003, will the halfords one be ok to run tomtom 6?



I bought this from Amazon for 109.99, but theyve put the price up now to £129.99

The Acer is nice, it picks up signal within a minute or so.

Tom Tom 6 runs perfectly, I prefer this to the Destinator Lite software provided.

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The Halfords one looks a nice buy too.
It doesn't have as much ram and I have a sneaking feeling that the Acer will have a better PDA with being a laptop provider.

But then the Halfords one does provide a mains charger where as this Acer deal only provides an in-car charger.

whatever software comes with it, I recommend that you install TomTom 6 as it's the best around. (that I know of)

I was doing alot of feild repair work last year, and i bought this just as i started, paid £160 for it,
used the software on it for about 8months then move it onto tomtom6,
tomtom was much better,
the PDA its self is a great bit of kit,
even though i paid £160 for it, it was still money well spent

I'd be wary about buying this as there have been a lot of problems with the power connectors breaking off. I was thinking of buying one myself until I found out about this problem. I'd read this forum before buying one..…e=1

Just been to my local halfords, they havn't got the £99 navman/pda in stock, but they have got loads of display boxes for the product, false advertising! Phoned around loads of halfords stores and they havn't got any!!!! I ended up buying the Navman F20 from woolworths for £129.99 (in store price, even though the website says exclusive online price). The Navman F20 is amazing, brilliant GPS fiz, load and clear instructions, and good detailed maps.

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