ACER netbook 2gb ram 250gb HD £269 @ Tesco
ACER netbook 2gb ram 250gb HD £269 @ Tesco

ACER netbook 2gb ram 250gb HD £269 @ Tesco

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Red, Intel Atom Z520 Processor, Windows Vista® Home Basic, 2GB RAM, 250GB HDD, 11.6" HD Screen, Integrated Graphics, 8.5 Hour Battery + Bluetooth, LU.S820Y.054

Presenting Acer's first 11.6" widescreen netbook -- the Acer Aspire one 751 enjoy content on the large HD LED-backlit display and enjoy amazing 5.1-channel audio with Dolby® Headphone. The Acer Aspire one 751 has groundbreaking advancements plus more usher in the new netbook generation and give you fantastic fun on the road. Let the show begin!
The Acer Aspire One 751 breathes life into your favorite movies! Get picture-perfect visuals on the 11.6" high-def display with 1366 x 768 pixel resolution and simply plug in any set of headphones to relish realistic 5.1-channel surround sound.
The gleaming Ruby red, Seashell white, Sapphire blue or Diamond black cover is sure to draw attention! Only 1" thin, the slender shape of the Acer Aspire one 751 has futuristic appeal. A peek inside reveals a smooth finish and the Acer FineTip keyboard featuring flat, broad keys for enhanced typing comfort.

Picked this up in Tesco's tonight £269 from £399 not online rrp of £527 on the Acer website simplyacer.com/Ace…tml


I think the same model is £249 in Argos.

Is the CPU slower in this than the 270 atom?

good price i bought for 329 few months ago for my wife, but i recommend to install windows 7 . vista is working veeeeeerrrrryyyy slow

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I think the same model is £249 in Argos.Is the CPU slower in this than … I think the same model is £249 in Argos.Is the CPU slower in this than the 270 atom?

Comes with the Intel Atom Z520 processor?!?!? No Idea how this compares to the 270 Atom I'm afraid but would assume the difference to be marginal at best.

It's got Vista... as mentioned about, that seems to be the problem, and it is also mentioned in some of the reviews I have read (although many of them seem to be the 1Gb RAM version, so that's not a big surprise), so it's going to be better when you put Windows 7 on it, although that's going to put your costs up.

Be aware, I know the description says 8hr battery, but it's only the basic 3 cell (approx 2-3 hours of usage at most). I have already been to Tesco instore and checked a couple of weeks ago.

Got mine for £250 from Amazon and comes with the 7hr battery. Only downside is the 1gb ram and 160gb hard drive. I suppose it comes down to what's your priority, double the battery life and £20 cheaper, or slightly speedier system and some extra storage.

The performance on the 751 is more than acceptable. You have to keep in mind it's a very portable netbook that does the basics well. If you need something much faster with this screen size, you'll need to spend another £150 and get something more suited to your needs.

Plays xvids, You Tube etc fine, but struggles with anything HD. Is it really that important it doesn't play 720p? It's only an 11.6" screen!

The screen is capable of displaying the 720p resolution. For not much more you can get a Compaq 311c with nvidia ion graphics, faster n270 processor, 6 cell battery, and upgradeable to 3gb ddr3 ram. Order from HP website, use code HPQUIDCO at checkout for 10% off and make sure to go through quidco for a nice slice of cashback too.
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