Acer X223HQb - 21.5" Widescreen TFT Monitor - £74.99 *Reserve & Collect* @ Argos

Acer X223HQb - 21.5" Widescreen TFT Monitor - £74.99 *Reserve & Collect* @ Argos

Found 20th Mar 2011Made hot 21st Mar 2011
was £119.99


* 21.5in display.
* Widescreen.
* Resolution 1920 x 1080 pixels


None in Northern Ireland

None in Coventry

None near Peterborough, another non deal. Good luck finding one.

Great price but good luck finding one in stock!

1 in Putney ATM

1 in Boston

None anywhere near Northampton/Wellingborough even though it comes up on the Clearance when I put my local store location in

Good deal but none near me.

Posted a couple of times before when argos first did the end of catalogue clearance so unlikely to be much stock left anywhere.

neutral vote no stock near me

VGA only and seems to be no stock anywhere...

good luck to anyone who finds one!

None in manchester Ancoats or Arndale

These argos deals are stupid, should be under misc! Only ever 4-5 in the whole country. Waste of time

I would of bought this but can't find stock

can anyone recommend a good 20" - 24" 1080p LCD or LED monitor?

nevermind, got one
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One near me

Typing now on this very model. Very good quality picture and no dead pixels but analogue only input. Just use an adapter through DVI and alls good.

Don't think there's much stock left now as I had a hell of a time tracking mine down in Essex.
Good luck if you can get one.

None near Wolverhampton & Birmingham

& Good price, shame theres no HDMI input, although could buy a HDMI to DVI

OoS in Norwich :-(

Stunning price, but why do they never have a deal in 1920x1200? I want those 120 extra pixel!

PS: Can't find any stock around here either.
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