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FREE Acronis Ransomware Protection
Found 26th JanFound 26th Jan
I've been using their backup software for years. Comes with cloud backup capability and every user receives 5GB of free Acronis Cloud storage. The Register website says "The ligh… Read more

Because Acronis is the best disk cloning tool I've used. There's an old saying that I guess many people on here don't use; "you get what you pay for". If it's free then you are the product.


They want to protect you so you have a working computer to still pay that £35 for updates you don't need ;-)


The same way you can get numerous Hard Drive and Disk Image Cloners for free, so why pay £35 quid for it? Installed this a few days back, with active monitoring uses about 5% CPU and arounf 20mb of Ram, so not too bad, so far so good.


Considering acronis still charge £35 for true image (to clone a hard drive), it makes me suspicious as to why they're making this free. Disk cloning software doesn't really need constant updates. My 2015 version of true image works perfectly, yet they still charge £35 for not a lot of new features. Ransomwares are constantly being created, and any software that tries to stop it needs updating to prevent the new vulnerabilities from infecting your PC. Over 50,000 new virus's are created every day, and your anti-ransomware software needs updating to counteract those threats. How they can do that for free, yet charge £35 for a service that hardly needs updating is beyond me.


Use spell check

Software package: Acronis, Kaspersky, CCleaner, Cyberghost, Malwarebytes £39.95 @ Acronis
Found 27th May 2016Found 27th May 2016
Acronis are doing a special deal when you buy the latest Acronis True Image home desktop backup program. You also get a 1 year 1 PC copy of: - Kaspersky Internet Security - CCleane… Read more

If the link is not working try this one - the HUKD redirect might be broken:


You're worrying needlessly: If you follow the link to start an order you'll see each item with its name eg "....Premium" [ie non-freeware edition] and each listed with "1 PC, 1 Year".


Click Buy Now: Kaspersky Internet Security doesn't have an English free version, CCleaner Professional Plus is not the free version and neither are CyberGhost Premium and Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Premium. The Premiums and Pros are the full paid versions which will run out after 1 year.


I can't see where it actually says you receive one year of each of the other packages and the full/premium editions, or subscription in the case of the VPN. I worry it is just a download of the free versions anyone can try.


I was partially tempted by this when I got the email yesterday, then I realised I have no use for the four extra bits of software in the bundle. Still a good price if you specifically want all 5.

Acronis True Image 2016 - 5 Computers £36.00 @ Acronis
Found 27th Aug 2015Found 27th Aug 2015
This is a great PC Backup / Hard drive cloning tool. I use it for cloning a hard drive with a clean windows install in case I quickly need to re-build a pc due to software issues e… Read more



I prefer the functionality and ease of Macrium, when compared to Acronis. Free is a bonus!


You probably need a USB to SATA adapter or caddy like this: This will allow you to communicate with the 2nd disk Then run the disk copy option of this free software to clone it: You can opt to do this using the bootable CD/USB version if you prefer It will offer you 3 options: 1] Increase the partitions to match the new disk size 2] Keep partitions at current size 3] Lowest possible partition sizes Pick option 1] or 2] Option 1] is quicker, but any system partitions or restore partitions will also be made larger. Option 2] Allows you to specify that only main partition gets resized with the remaining space after the copy is complete. You have to do this afterwards using the partition resize option.


I still use the 2010 version. Burnt onto dvd just bootup pc and runs. Love the backup / restore via samba. I just go straight to my nas. Does 2016 even add anything of value ?


Besides there being other free options this is a great deal for 5 PC's Acronis, heat from me.

Acronis True Image 2015 3x PC/Mac £20.50 @ Acronis
Found 28th Nov 2014Found 28th Nov 2014
There's a 40% offer running at the moment that brings it down to £35, which is a pretty good deal to begin with. But at checkout if you select to pay in Russian Rouble, the price … Read more
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Acronis True Image 2015 is for PC and Mac. Good value, I think. Thanks Mistertad111


Very good software although I do not think the AOMEI Backupper works for installing in a changed hardware system but Acronis does have some software to do that. I have been using the AOMEI for several months and think it is simple to use and efficient. I did have to rely on a backup once when Windows went bad and the backup got everthing up and running again. It was an older backup as I hadn't backed up nearer to when the crash occurred so my fault but at least it was straightforward to get the backed up data up and running again.


Nice find OP worked for me, PayPal was :- From amount £21.81 GBP To amount 1,620.00 RUB Exchange rate: 1 GBP = 74.3077RUB :{


Just use this instead.. I have been using this for over a year now.. Best a quickest so far.. Free too

Acronis True Image 2015 for PC and Mac (3 Computers License) £35.97 @ (40% off)
Found 19th Nov 2014Found 19th Nov 2014
The best PC and Mac backup/ imaging software I've used.



Appreciate you indicating the source of info, thanks.


According to it does have 'universal restore' for this offer price.


I tend to agree, and would consider this upgrade if it is the Premium version that facilitates restoration to dissimilar hardware. Any idea if it is the Premium version, I can't immediately see any info. Thanks.


Macrium Reflect is better IMO.

Cloud storage & backup deals for World Backup day (31st March)
Found 28th Mar 2014Found 28th Mar 2014
Every year at around the time of World Backup day (31st March) there are some fantastic deals for cloud storage. Check the link for some deals which might be beneficial for those l… Read more
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Some of those deals look expensive. If you don't include all the free cloud storage that is now available then HubiC and The Google Drive set up smash many of those quoted prices.

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50% off True Image 2013 and Plus Pack - Buy both for £31.95 @ Acronis
Found 13th Dec 2012Found 13th Dec 2012
True Image as always been pretty good to me for Disk imaging, when mirroring hard disks swapping between one drive and another. Recently the separation of some features into the "… Read more
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Oh well, I searched couldn't find it... That's the 2nd time is supposedly already exists when listing an offer... ... I think the search is broken on HUKD And the correct URL is:


Already listed.

Acronis True Image 2013 with Plus pack 50% off normal price
Found 13th Dec 2012Found 13th Dec 2012
Acronis 2013 with Plus pack for restoring images to different hardware. Have used Acronis for years on and off, but the £40-£60 off price has put me off upgrading as I'd want the … Read more

windows system image


Any good free ones out there (as an alternative to a paid solution anyone care to mention?


+1 used acronis too and the one time i actually needed to do a full restore, it failed with a corrupt archive despite a successful backup and verification of the archive never again!


Easeus Todo Workstation is just a backup solution (and not a very good one as it does do single instance storage backup.) so cannot be compared with Acronis which is primarily a disk imaging application



Acronis® Disk Director® 11 Home - 80% (£6.99 instead of £34.95)
Found 22nd Oct 2012Found 22nd Oct 2012
Just received notice of this by email. Have not used this software before but for this price it must be worth a look if you require this type of application.
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"Windows 8 is not supported" Good it looks sh1te, lets just hope windows 9 is not as crap! Good price, I wish true image was this price!


Supports Microsoft® Windows® 7, Windows Vista®, and Windows XP. Windows 8 is not supported.


£6.99 for one PC and £59.95 for 3 PCs .....

Up to 50% discount on Acronis True Image Home 2012
Found 11th Jun 2012Found 11th Jun 2012
Just sign up with your name and email address. Each new person joining takes one penny off the regular price of True Image Home 2012. The more people participate, the smaller the … Read more

It will be if more people will sign up. Keep them coming ;)


Price is not £20 as listed.


Macrium Reflect Free Edition, Paragon Backup and Recovery (Advanced) Free, Drive Image XML, PING (PartImage Is Not Ghost). All free and essentially do they same job. I will never go near an Acronis product again. Un-installing can be rather tricky with a few of their products and on more than one occasion has ended up screwing Windows after using trial version. Support isn't that good either. They do respond but make you go through unnecessary hoops to identify issues that they themselves are not aware of.


Ive just used this to image a fresh Windows install with only the programs I need, fully updated, defragmented and virus scanned so that in the future when I want a clean install again I can do it in 10mins instead of a whole day of reinstalling and downloading a million updates. Lovely program


I use the 2009 version for windows 7 and it is very effective. Well worth it!

Acronis® True Image™ Home 2012 (Full Product) with Plus Pack add-on - £19.97 [or ~ £16.50]
Found 23rd Dec 2011Found 23rd Dec 2011
OK so there is a modicum of faff needed for this price.... This deal is for the FULL product (not an upgrade) - though it is for download. It includes both : Acronis® True Image… Read more
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Extended to 31/12/2011


You can also use it to copy all the data from one hard drive to another so its handy for that too :)


why not just use the inbuilt image feature in windows though?


Heat for effort AND for the word FAFF lol


Acronis came back to me and said that their offer was either 50% off using the game OR a free plus pack. So it must be a glitch. Well done on spotting this and successfully getting it. They say without an order number from someone who did it they cannot honor it. Can you you post your order number ? EDIT - I didn't explain the steps taken or anything like that, I just said that I understood that I was buying 2012 and the plus pack.

Acronis True Image Home 2012 Upgrade w Plus Pack £14.95 Full product £29.95
Found 21st Dec 2011Found 21st Dec 2011
Acronis True Image Home 2012 with Plus pack for a bargain £14.95. This is an upgrade only but just requires you to have any previous version of Acronos TI Home. The Plus Pack allo… Read more

This deal still works as of today 05 March 2012. I had been using the 2012 trial and this all worked ok for me on Windows 7 X64, not had any problems.


Great deal. Version 2010 and 2011 had a bsod crash bug. But 2012 is now a fully fixed version. You can also pick up a free version of the 2009 version if you have a seagate or western digital hard drive. Type it in google and you will see links to the respective sites. 2009 was great. So effectively you can get the free version then get this upgrade. Now that's a bargain!


I wonder if 2012 is any good? - I've read 2011 was bad compared to 2010 which I use. For anyone who has never used ghosting/cloning backup software and regularly rebuild their computers then it's time you tried out their free trial.


It depends whether you need the additional features in Acronis such as being able to mount the backup images and browse them (allowing you to then drag and drop specific files from the backup back into your live system for example), or the online storage that comes with the product.



Acronis True Image Home 2012 with Malwarebytes Anti-Malware PRO - £19.95 - direct from Acronis
Found 26th Oct 2011Found 26th Oct 2011
Acronis have a Halloween promotion running which offers their Acronis True Image 2012 software bundled with Malwarebytes Anti-Malware PRO for £19.95 or around £18.86 if you pay in … Read more
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EDEN188 too, straight after my post, Acronis must have been reading this thread ;)


got an email from Acronis today at 17:49... with both keys :)


Anyone received their download link and license keys yet? Not received mie yet :(


This sucks. I bought both of these in past 3 months at the full price. Meh.


Acronis True Image Home 2010 + FREE Plus Pack Add-on - £19.09 (Possibly £16.23 - 15% Cashback Kings) @Acronis
Found 8th Feb 2010Found 8th Feb 2010
Posting my first deal here (please be gentle!). Cheapest price that I could find online, which includes both the main Acronis True Image Home 2010 software and Acronis True Image … Read more

It doesnt allow you to create a bootable backup disc, this is something I never used Acronis for, so for me wasnt important, I am happy to ensure I have my critical data as rebuilding a pc isnt a problem for me. List of features for GFI Backup (home - Free edition) It is much better than the Windows backup as you can restore single files etc... I use it to backup only data, photos, music etc... I am not worried about programs or settings.


Does ]GFI Backup allow you to make a bootable DVD/CD to imagine a complete partition? As feature list makes looks more like a Windows program for folder backup.


refused to upgrade to 2010, fed up with having to upgrade all the time, seems every year its another £20, this only bugs because I upgraded for vista then upgraded to 10 around April and thought it would work on W7 and was wrong... GFI is an excellent free alternative...


obviously havent used this 2010 version. Full of bugs so avoid. check amazon reviews (2/5 stars)


Acronis is a great product (I have owned 4 previous versions) although they have issues when new operating systems are released for compatibility (you usually have to upgrade to ensure it works correctly)... gfi backup for me now, its free and very similar...

Acronis True Image Home 2010 Plus Pack - FREE! (Should be $35.69)
Found 23rd Jan 2010Found 23rd Jan 2010
Acronis® True Image Home 2010 Plus Pack is an add-on module for Acronis True Image Home 2010 featuring enhancements for advanced home users. It includes the flexibility to restore … Read more

thanks this is kewl :) scooter


Cheers for that mate: have some rep :thumbsup:


if you register the plus pack you can then download an iso image that will allow you to backup an restore.


Am I missing something here? I have used the code and downloaded the plus pack. S I now need to purchase the 2010 full software in order to comple?


And where do you plan to keep this external hard drive? What do you do if this external hard drive fail? There's a value in managed off-site backup. Not necessarily worthwhile for everybody but they fill a different market need than a single on-site external hard drive.

Acronis True Image Home 2010 - 50% off (one day only)
Found 18th Dec 2009Found 18th Dec 2009
My preferred backup & disk imaging solution for home computers, Acronis True Image Home is similiar to Norton Ghost and allows you to image your disk/partitions, aswell as bein… Read more

Anyone know if 2011 is due for release soon? And is the above abililty to get a free upgrade valid for Acronis direct purchases only, or retail too?


What deep hole? I don't know what you are talking about, and I don't know where I have been proven wrong, (or right) for that matter. True Image has a feature I wasn't initially aware of, and I pointed out a few reasons for wanting to use it this way. I now realise it can be used this way, problem sorted, no issues. Thank you for the link, although seeing I had made a boot disk in the first place by installing it, I had got around that anyway, and ahve been using it for several weeks now without any problems at all. My only slight grouse is why it wasn't downloadable in the ISO form in the first place from the front page of the Acronis True Image site, it would have been a bit more convenient for me, but that's minor. It's a perfectly good piece of software, and this deal is fine.


I think you're really scraping the bottom of a very deep hole you've dug for yourself, Acronis isn't at all difficult to reconfigure to run as you want and I've had no performance related problems running the software on ULV machines - the software basically doesn't do anything at all unless I need it to. I keep the software loaded on a single machine which I use to verify the images I've taken of others, most imaging software offers better management tools in the installed version than the bootable media including Ghost. I like the way after arguing this for several pages and being proved completely wrong, you sidestepped the fact entirely that I provided the details on how to download the iso and chose to try and argue another point. It's very poor fom to post the wrong information on a forum under the pretence of giving advice to assist others in a purchase and then refuse to back down when shown to be incorrect. John


Hardly bizarre - there are plenty of reasons - as it installs two services and two startup items which run every time you turn your PC on, which if you only want to create an image of the original installed OS, then not use it again until you need to restore, it saves bootup time, and load on the PC memory the rest of the time - especially significant on a Netbook, which tend to be underpowered at best. If you have a machine which you don't use to keep personal data on (such as a laptop or netbook, or a secondary machine), and you keep that on a main machine instead (as I do) then you don't need the incremental backup options on that machine, so you might as well not bother taking the time to install it. I use Ghost for this purpose on 2 machines, although had I realised True image did offer this facility originally, then I might well have just used True Image for all, although I like the belt and braces approach of using both.


Acronis provide an exe by default which then allows to create the rescue media and fairly extensive management options (including conveniently mount the image as a drive letter) which will mean most people will install this on one machine. However, in the unlikely event for some bizarre reason you don't want to ever install the software Acronis do provide a bootable ISO on verification of your serial number, see the KB here: This version offers verbose output and extended diagnostics in case of difficulty using the standard bootable software. Alternatively Amazon offer the CD retail version at 20 pounds as well, I believe this may offer a bootable version although as I don't see the problem in using the downloadable one and the tools available I haven't tested this.

Acronis True Image 2009 Download £23.12
Found 14th Jul 2009Found 14th Jul 2009
In case you didn't know, Seagate have a free tool called DiskWizard for transferring data to/from Seagate disks. This is a version of Acronis True Image. There is a 40% discount of… Read more
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]EASEUS Todo Backup is an award-winning and Free backup and restore solution! :thumbsup:


But can you download it? I needed it there and then, not when Amazon deliver it.


ye great backup software heat added


You can get it from Amazon on disc for £23.97 (40% off)


Great software, been using it for years.

Acronis true image 2009 - £15 off - £24.95.
Found 25th Jun 2009Found 25th Jun 2009
As per title. Not bad price for good backup software. Yes there are free alternatives but I like this... ( Amazon price £29.99)

I have crucial memmory. The crucial memmory site scan doesnt recognise it. IT is a wierd world... :thumbsup:


Pass, seems odd that it doesn't recognise either of them.


Never thought about that - however, these are IDE drives, and not in a RAID configuration.


This is very good software and I've found their support is excellent - I bought the Trueimage 11/Disk Director deal here for 25 pounds but hit trouble trying to image a Studio Hybrid as when booting the rescue media it just froze. I opened a live chat system with Acronis who immediately offered me a coupl of test debug iso's which didn't work so they gave me a free upgrade to the newest Acronis software which did work. I like Acronis anyway as I've found it user friendly with plenty of options to tailor it as you want and I've had no problems taking or restoring images. John


If they are hidden within a raid set it might fail to recognise them as Seagate/Maxtor.

Free Acronis True Image 10 Personal Edition
Found 2nd Feb 2009Found 2nd Feb 2009
Advertised in this month's Personal Computer World magazine, Acronis are giving away free copies of Acronis True Image 10 Personal Edition as a download. I've used this before and… Read more

Look a few posts up ^^


:? :thinking:


I got the serial number mailed to me but where the hell is the download for the program?? :oops:


Thanks, I just tried again and it came through. :thumbsup:


did re-clicky on linky, got serial, went to Acronis to register and it told me serial was already registered - no dwonload, I give up, I'll stick with my old v7!