actimel 12 pack £0.99 @ Morrisons

actimel 12 pack £0.99 @ Morrisons

Found 29th Jan 2009
MORRISONS...actimel 12 pack all varietiesRRP£ 3.99-This is half price, but attached to pack is one pound off making this just 99p for 12 actimel!!! (If anyone has the cheek to rip off the voucher before paying,like me !!) DO IT ,GO ON!!! xxx
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dont go cold on me ffs!!!
EASY STEPS!!! If you buy the Danone actimel 12 pack and put it in your trolley and RIP the voucher off and pay just 99p then morrisons will charge you 99p for 12 actimel at the checkouts!!(was 3.99 now 99p)
seems good enough for me, dont know why others vote it cold.. I voted hot
Ok coldies!! Can you find anything cheaper than 12 danone activia for 99p-=I hate the stuff- but at that price you are on to a bargain!
The link takes you to a page that says its finished....
thanks green! x
The link is **** !!! The offer is still on .We had a pallet load delivered tonight! x
I dont like actimel or any non alcoholic drinks(LOL), but to go from 3.99 to 99p is worth voting hot !!!
i think you might want to add in which store is this promotion.. as I just realised that even if I want to get the deal, I dont know where to go
Anyone voting cold-please tell me why???
OOPS sorry!! i just realised i aint at work !!! MORRISONS DEALS ACTIMEL 12 PACK 99P WITH VOUCHER !!
Using the voucher from the pack whilst paying for one, Classy deal...

Next week im looking forward to reading the 'Free stuff @ Morrisons deal' (simply stuff what you need in your pockets) :w00t:
Cant understand why im at minus 29 ???? effing sainsburys shoppers!!!! x
But with the voucher it is 99p !!!!!

But with the voucher it is 99p !!!!!

...and it's already multiple posted and it's a dodgy deal

take it up with the mods...... :?
wow that's a lot of cold votes. I voted hot

But with the voucher it is 99p !!!!!

But the voucher is meant for use on your NEXT purchase.
Its an incentive to buy another pack later on with a discount, not as an incentive to rip off the store.
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