Action Man Global Mission £1 @ Tesco Instore!

Action Man Global Mission £1 @ Tesco Instore!

Found 7th Aug 2010Made hot 7th Aug 2010
Action Man Global Mission £1 at Carmarthen Tesco, Wales. Loads in big baskets in the centre of the aisle, still showing as £5 online, good stocking filler or for kids parties! Originally priced at £10!

First time starting a thread so please be gentle!!!


Action man the greatest hero of them all!

These are also in Culverhouse Cross in Cardiff as I bough 3 yesterday! As u say, great for kids parties!

West Durrington also selling at this price.

Great for kids parties and stocking fillers!

Loads at the MK Kingston store - not my kind of thing!

They were in Western Avenue, Cardiff, yesterday as well.

Plenty in Havant..wish Id bought more!

£1 for action man! you can tell computer games are taking over.

Picked up 5 at Redditch, one for my little lad and 4 for presents during the year

and is in Watford - thinks its safe to say this isnt a one store deal :-)

they have loads at broadstairs extra just got my boys one each

forgot to say thanks for posting (_;)


they had them in watford as well, my little boy loved it and for £1 so did i x
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