Activia - 5 for £1 (or 65p each!) @ Morrisons

Activia - 5 for £1 (or 65p each!) @ Morrisons

Found 7th Nov 2010Made hot 8th Nov 2010
Activia Snackpots - 65p each or 5 for £1 (as title says)

I swear by this stuff (and I'm a lad) - keeps you regular.


these are the best yoghurts ever, really thick and tasty unlike the watery muller yoghurts (they USED to be so nice) what happened to them?

the sugar content is shocking though oO

Had 2 bags of sugar free sweets once, without reading the small print, that'll keep you instantly regular as well.


The lady who advertises them if FIT

dont need any help keeping regular but it tastes lush


The lady who advertises them if FIT

Looks like she's got 3 arms in that pic! What's going on?

I'd have three arms if a night with here was on the cards :>)


Just a note to those who think these help you
They only help people who actually have problems with digestive bacteria
otherwise for the normal person they do absolutely nothing
This is the information i was told by on of the authors of grays anatomy (the big sciency book not the programme)

Great deal!
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