Activity days - Summer Promotion Up to 60% off + Free £30 experience. REAL BARGAINS to be had @ ActvitySuperStore

Activity days - Summer Promotion Up to 60% off + Free £30 experience. REAL BARGAINS to be had @ ActvitySuperStore

Found 29th Jun 2010
Summer Promotions up to 60% off
+ Free experience worth £30
+ Free entry to wembley tour prize draw
+ Free standard postage and packaging

There are a few gems in this promotion, here are a couple of my favorites:
Single Seater Racing Car - Now £69
Grand Prix Karting for Two - Now £59
Quad Biking for Two - Now £59
Honda Powerboat Blast For Two - Now £99

There are lots more activities to choose from!

Very good prices especially considering you get the free £30 experience
See below for direct links to my fav 4
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Single Seater Racing Car - Was £179, Now £69
Single seaters are the closest looking cars you may ever get to driving an actual Formula 1 car. As you sit in the small cockpit you look out towards the start line, you start to build the revs, and when the flag is dropped you drop the clutch and launch down the straight. In a matter of seconds you're taking the corners and barrelling along!

The programme typically involves a welcome on arrival, followed by a briefing. Then it's time to take to the wheel for laps in a performance saloon, where your instructor will demonstrate circuit driving techniques such as taking the correct line on a corner. Next you take the wheel yourself to practice what you have been taught. Then the real action begins: you take a single seater racing car, the ubiquitous Van Dieman, BHP 160 top speed 130 mph, 0 to 60mph - 5 secs, this car is perfectly placed to introduce you to the exhilaration and excitement of racing.

Please note you can upgrade your experience to Saturdays at an extra cost, please check on booking.

Grand Prix Karting for Two - Was £118, Now £59
Karting tests your driving skill and endurance to the utmost, so it's no surprise that this is the training ground for today's top Formula One drivers. We've selected some of the country's most demanding circuits so you can be sure of a fun-packed, exciting time.

On arriving at the centre your instructor will begin with a safety briefing, some instructions on your kart controls and you'll be provided with some protective clothing. To familiarise you with the karts and the circuit there will be a few initial practice laps. Then the competitive action begins with each driver taking part in three heats, each lasting about seven minutes, and then it's time for the final. There will be points allocated based on finishing positions in these heats, and these points will be used to decide which of the two finals (A & B) and the grid position that you will start in. Finals run for a duration of seven minutes.

Quad Biking for Two - Was £118, Now £59
There is nothing quite like quad bike riding. These agile machines are a cross between a motorcycle and a car and have a unique riding style. They really are a hoot to ride!

You will begin with a full briefing on safety, the vehicle controls and riding techniques, with plenty of time to build confidence and ability, before progressing to a longer, more varied and sometimes demanding course. You'll encounter hill climbs and descents, lumps and bumps, see-saws and narrow bridges. An experienced instructor will be riding with you all the way to advise and demonstrate on how best to tackle some of the challenges.

Honda Powerboat Blast For Two - Was £198, Now £99
The Honda Formula 4-Stroke championship (HF4S) is the largest, most exciting offshore powerboat series in the world. Feel the speed and grace of this highly responsive racing machine. The boat operates within Southampton water and extends into the Solent so bring a disposable camera. The boat is soft riding and the seating comfortable. Be prepared for the ride of your life!

Your experience begins with a safety briefing and an introduction to the boat. You then get changed into the Saber Powersports racing team kit and safety gear. Then it's onto the water. During this experience the driver (usually a current or past racer) heads into the Solent to show what the boat can do. Your one and half hours on board includes approximately 15 minutes of hands-on driving and tuition. You will also have the opportunity to test your skills on the offshore racing circuit.
Spot on, just booked up the power boating and quads
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