Activity Superstore - Indoor Skydiving gift experience for 2 £49 @ Debenhams

Activity Superstore - Indoor Skydiving gift experience for 2 £49 @ Debenhams

Found 2nd Feb 2018
I can't find this deal anywhere else as it says 50% off , especially when you consider you can get 5% Quidco on top of the 10% off voucher code on top. I paid for 2 of these £49 packages plus the £20 photoshoot which should have come to £118 altogether, but with the 10% off code it comes in at £106.20, plus if my Quidco cashback tracks (usually quick) then I get another 5% back in my wallet, plus free delivery on offers over £45. Have a look as there are loads of experience days at half price on here including car, helicopter, segway, Land Rover and other off road experiences amongst many that are cheaper than going direct with the companies that run them. 10% off code that worked for me was 'RM47FMDVH3' or try 'DP42FM3SAC'Imagine a wind tunnel that could be used for testing the

aerodynamics of an F1 racing car, turn it upright, jump onto the airflow

and you are skydiving. It's a proven concept operating in several

countries to the benefit of the skydiving community and anyone else who

wishes to taste the thrill of freefall. After check-in you'll be kitted

up into your flight gear, followed by a short class with a briefing

given by your expert instructor. You and your group will enter the

tunnel and take it in turns to fly. You each get two shared flights of

one minute each - that's about the same as three tandem skydives. As a

constant reminder of your fantastic day, you will be able to take home a

memory stick covering both flyers' flights.
  • Available in: East of England
  • For two people
  • 2 hour experience
  • Voucher valid until 1st December 2018
  • You must be reasonably fit to participate in this

    activity and there is a maximum weight restriction of 105kg (16.5 st).

    Participants over this weight may be able to fly but may have a

    different flight experience. The minimum age is 5 years old (under 18
  • Please keep your online receipt as this will be needed

    by Activity Superstore as proof of purchase in order to register and

    book your Experience Day. To validate your voucher, you will need to

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If you've never been it's great, and everyone should try it.
but I'm a bit wary of this '2 hour experience' line.'You each get two shared flights of one minute each'
which is decidedly average

If you've never been then have a look at…es/
it might work out better for pricing.
great price hot
Beware of Activity superstore. They are the worst company i have ever dealt with. 8 members of my family were bought vouchers for various activities with them and everytime we came to book them there was a reason why we couldn't or there was some issue with the t&cs. We tried to complain to activity superstore but they werent interested. Finally after a 10 months of getting nowhere Debenhams refunded our money. Reading their reviews other people have had similar experiences
This is a great activity to do with whoever, I took my children & it was awesome to do & see. Really recommended, heat added.
1 min each??
Where is the location?
Never ever buy from activity superstore...!

Read the reviews online - after 14 months of trying to redeem a hotel stay (i couldnt do it..) i swapped for something else. Now i cant redeem that either (unless i do the actuvity on a monday afternoon!)

Awful awful company. Truly terrible.

Honestly - just not worth it. Check with the venue before you buy.

Voted cold - not for the price... but i can guarantee you can buy the gift experience - but using it will not be a pleasant or straight forward experience.

(I’ve given activity superstore 14 days to refund me in full or i go to boots and then trading standards... google their reviews before you buy..)
Misslovely3 h, 26 m ago

Where is the location?

Milton Keynes is where I will be going to do it. Used to be called Airkix, but run by a different company now, which I belive has multiple locations around the country, including Basingstoke and Manchester too.…el/
Heat7774 h, 51 m ago

1 min each??

1 minute is apparently equivellant to a parachute jump from a plane at 12,000 feet, so I guess it is like doing 2 jumps each without the scary drop out of a plane! I bought two vouchers (8 1 minute flights) as they are half price, so I have 4 jums in total per voucher. If anyone can find these cheaper than what I bought these for, then hats off to you. £49 plus 10% off Debenhams voucher code = £44.10, plus Quidco 5% cashback again on that, means I only paid about £41.90 for the usual online price via the ifly website of £72 per person. So I do feel this price is really good value for 2 people.
Heat7774 h, 53 m ago

1 min each??

Actually their website states 4x 1 minute flights is like doing 6 x 12,000 foot skydives from a plane!
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