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Posted 20 December 2022

A&D Medical UN-014 Compact Compressor Nebuliser (white/blue) - £20.62 @ Amazon

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The A&D UN-014 Compact Compressor Nebuliser is both lightweight and has a low noise operation of 55dB, allowing for a very quiet and comfortable operation. It also benefits from a small footprint, so doesn't take up much storage space and can be easily used when travelling. Specifically designed for the treatment of asthma, allergies and other respiratory disorders. Other benefits of the A&D UN-14 include: High respirable fraction-ideal drug delivery - good particle size (MMAD) No need for breath co-ordination - very little training required No small parts which can easily be lost or swallowed by young children Easy assembly, clearly marked parts to avoid wrong assembly Easy readable medication level Easy to clean bio-compatible Polypropylene (PP) material Meets hygienic standards (can be boiled and/or autoclaved) Easily replaceable consumables: tubing, filters and mouthpiece Designed for use with A&D's range of mouth pieces, from adult to child sizes The A&D UN-014 is very easy to use and maintain, making it the ideal compressor nebuliser for home use. Like other nebulisers, the simple design means there are fewer parts to lose and less parts to clean, meaning a more hygienic and easier nebuliser chamber to maintain. To clean your nebuliser kit, simply remove the mouthpiece, nebuliser cup, chamber and baffle and wash these items in hot water mixed with a neutral detergent, or wash in a dishwasher. For disinfection, please refer to the handy, easy to follow guide in the instructions manual.
Box Contains
x1 UN-014 Compressor Nebuliser with 3 pin plug, x1 Instruction Manual, x1 Adult Mask, x1 Child Mask, x1 tubing, x1 filter
Features & details
Lightweight, compact design
Single button operation
Masks for both children and adults with carry case
Low sound level 55 dB (A) Particle size approx. 3μ). Nebulisation rate 0.25ml/min
Amazon More details at Amazon
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    Sterile Isotonic Saline Solution 0.9% - Sodium Chloride NaCl in 2.5ml doses, 20 per box x 2 boxes for £13.49, S&S is £12.14 divided by 40 = 30p per dose

    What does it do? amazon.co.uk/vdp…Jnd

    For sale here: amazon.co.uk/gp/…c=1

    Instruction manual for nebuliser: youtube.com/wat…fM4

    How to load solution: youtube.com/wat…GRA

    THOROUGHLY WASH AFTER EACH USE! youtube.com/wat…fiM

    I AM NOT Medically trained so do your own research I am just sharing what I use. (edited)
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    Could this be used for a child with a bad cough/chest infection for relief ?
    this is really for use with Chronic asthmatics who are prescribed salbutomol nebules.
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    What do use this in conjunction with? (Medicine wise?)
    I use these, convenient and reasonable price per unit, also available from the same company in single packs of 20 amazon.co.uk/gp/…c=1
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    So how does contraption work?
    I mean like does it collect / filter / pump air, or, give pure generated oxygen, or is there tanks or cannister of oxygen to fit with it etc etc?
    It pumps room air through whatever liquid is in the chamber, turning it into a vapour.

    It is used for administering some medications, or used with saline to provide some relief from a severe cough.
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    OK I confess I have seen things on HUKD that I never knew what they did or even existed - but have bought one anyway ! ...but this is stretching things even for me.
    Hope you didn't actually buy one just for the sake of it...
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    It cost me more to hire one than this when my son had bronchiolitis as a baby.
  7. Avatar
    Perfect for when I come home from the gym
  8. Avatar
    Ok got info on video on amazon priduct it self, chill.
    Thanks 🙏
  9. Avatar
    Having one's good but getting a script of the GP for it is another matter
    I agree. We bought one for my dad,and the GP refused to prescibe relevant medication,despite the fact he was already on inhalers. Am unsure how well this works otherwise.
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    Thanks just ordered my friend bought one yesterday for £50 so a bargain
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    Wouldn't normally expect to see a product like this here
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    Good make and an absolute godsend for families who have children (adults too) who need nebulised medication. As Equalitea mentioned they used to cost a fortune but thankfully have become much cheaper. Use in accordance with medical advice and care plan. I use a more powerful Philips sidestream fior nebulised antibiotics but for other medications this is perfect. This is as cheap as it gets.
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    Nebulisers are a common thing on the continent; used with saline solutions (ipotonic <3% or better with ipertonic >3% ) to alleviate cold symptoms to the upper respiratory tract. To be used with common sense to avoid drying the mucous membrane
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    Absolutely pointless delivery design. Get one with full mask or don't bother. Will get so short of breath using that tiny funnel it's bordering on dangerous for those who are ill & struggling with breathing
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    Only 2 left in stock if anyone is interested!
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    Don't forget to claim the VAT back if you have valid health issues!

    Have bought 2 nebulisers in the past from Amazon, VAT was refunded both times.
    Just need to fill out a simple form and email it to them (I'll try to find the link).
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    needed one, but price show up as 32?
    The ones SOLD and DESPATCHED by Amazon are SOLD OUT, the ones shown now are from a different seller called ZONDAR although still despatched by Amazon, see original advert below for the ones sold by Amazon then see link above for this deal which you will see is now sold by Zondar.

    49097735-Mjtib.jpg (edited)
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    This item is BACK ON SALE at £20.62 but states long delivery time, I have seen this in the past and it normally doesn't take that long, maybe a week or so.

    This is SOLD and FULFILLED by Amazon hence their price.
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    SOLD OUT again at the low price
  20. Avatar