Adams Kids closing down sale
Adams Kids closing down sale

Adams Kids closing down sale

Got to be in quick as the stores are quickly closing. Friend tipped me that was specials on at Southside store last week, but that has now already closed. Westfield store was having big discounts over weekend, up to 60% or more off.

Now 80% off.

A lot of the stores got closed last year when went into administration, but looks like they're getting rid of the last of the stock before closing the remainder.


Where about are you?

Wasn't the store "saved" at the last minute??? So why are they all closing down???

So why are they all closing down???

Do a search on google and you'll read news and other accurate reports.
As far as the stock goes there are a couple of stores closing in the Glasgow area and I went with my wife to have a look as friends said it was ok. We were not impressed with the reductions as their original prices are so high that it needs to be about 80 % off minimum before it compares with other stores or online bargains. We spoke to other parents and many said the same thing.....this was about a week ago.

to be honest there clothes have massively gone down hill anyway so i wouldn bother the sizes are all out and i dont fancy putting my daughters into mini skirts and waist coats:?

my girlfriend went to adams in haverfordwest yesterday... bought a top that said rrp of £14.99 on the tag and one for £12.99 for 50p each!! also got two nice summer hats for 4-5 year olds for 20p each and a denim skirt for 50p... got to be worth checking out guys
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