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Posted 17 October 2022

Adata XPG Caster DDR5 RAM 6000MHz - 2 x 16GB Modules - £158.50 @ Amazon

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Nice price for some decent RAM. CAS latency isn't the best but at this price point there's no complaining.
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CL40-40-40 (don't be shy).
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    This kit may not be the Caster, but actually the Lancer as that is what I received when ordering a couple of kits previously, exact model AX5U6000C4016G-DCLARBK. The good news is that the IC's are Hynix M-Die and you can happily hit 6400 MT/s C32-40-40 (and below) with them at 1.4v.

    If these do turn out to be Lancer kits then you'll have to feedback what IC's they have on them, as I've not used any yet, but they are still great value at sub £160 for 32GB.
    This is AX5U6000C4016G-DCCAGY - Caster as what I received.
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    I thought those where very expensive liquorice sticks!
    They are. They just taste rubbish, very crunchy. (edited)
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    Got to love the cache latency bois
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    Just paid £225 for 32gb 6000 CL34(32-38-38)

    Given how little impact memory has for gaming, logic dictates, I should probably have this stuff instead, but I won't. (edited)
    Memory can have a notable impact on gaming. I went ftom 32GB 3200MHz to 32GB 3600MHz and gained frames in Star Citizen.

    For a while I accidentally had my new RAM at just 2400MHz and the performance drop was very noticable.
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    gone up to 410 now
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    when did DDR5 come out? What's the advantages
    2020 it came out.
    Advantage: Higher base speed over DDR4, lower power draw and more capacity density over DDR4.
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    Don't forget you cant compare it to DDR4 latency due to...... technical stuff.
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    I suspect this can get quite low latency if you sacrifice speed, there will be people that will find the "sweet spot".
    I wouldn't be surprised if these can drop to a cl14 even but got now idea bow much frequency you might need to drop and how much time it would take you to find a stable configuration
    Deals like these are good news thought! (edited)
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    Great Find thanks, ordered.
    Was readying upgrade to Intel 13th series, this has saved quite a chunk
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    I'll wait a few years for this tech to mature. Not as if I need it at the moment anyway my pc plays everything I throw at it maxed out.
    That's because you play at 2K
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    I think for the majority of users there is very little benefit to be had from DDR5 in gaming. But we are seeing one or two examples now of situations where it can make a notable difference: techspot.com/art…rk/
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    What mb would you pair with ddr5?
    An expensive one.

    Depends what platform you are on.
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    "ADATA Caster uses Hynix IC, the same as nearly all retail DDR5-6400 or higher kits. Hynix IC overclocks high and produces less heat than the Samsung IC, so it promises good results. This is great news for all who are into overclocking."

    ADATA XPG Caster Specifications
    Memory Type: DDR5
    Form Factor: U-DIMM
    Capacity: 16GB
    Speeds: 6000, 6400, 7000 MT/s
    CAS Latencies: 36, 40
    Operating Voltage: 1.25V, 1.45V
    Operating Temperature: 0°C to 85°C
    Dimensions (L x W x H): 133.35 x 43 x 8.4mm
    Weight: 52.3g
    Warranty: Limited lifetime warranty

    " Besides the obvious data, the specifications give us one important piece of information which is the operating temperature. Most competitive brands do not share where the limit is, while ADATA suggests their RAM will work at the rated speed up to 85°C. Overclockers will say it’s high, depending on the frequency and other factors. In my experience problems with stability start at about 60-65°C. If we push the RAM to 7000 MT/s+, it can appear even at lower temperatures."

    So it might be Hynix die for 6000. need to be verified.
    6000 cheaper might have a reason.
    Checked it is Samsung Die, might not be overclocked much.

    12503800351666131610.jpg (edited)
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    I've had 16 gb for the last 7 years

    Think the next upgrade needs to be 64/128 gb

    This is a good price
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    This is a good price and actually slightly less per stick than I paid for some DDR4 2800 Adata XPG sticks back in April 2017 (and they were the cheapest by some distance back then on Amazon). I'm still holding off for now though because DDR5 prices have been dropping every month since release and are not close to bottoming out yet - Black Friday might see some better deals than this.