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Posted 8 September 2023

AdBlue 20 litres DEF BlueDEF Mannol German Ad Blue Car & Commercials - W/Code @ carousel_car_parts (UK Mainland A/B)

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Code credit @ Chanchi32


AdBlue® is a high-purity 32,5 % w/w urea solution which is used as an additional working fluid in diesel cars and trucks equipped with SCR technology (Selective Catalytic Reduction). The composition of AdBlue® is specified in DIN 70070. The use of such systems optimises engine performance, reduces the emission of harmful particles in exhaust gases and complies with the environmental standards Euro 4, Euro 5 and Euro 6.

AdBlue® is a registered trademark of the German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA Verband der Automobilindustrie e.V.).
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  1. headboard99's avatar
    Why not just fill up at the petrol station? It's alot less messier and cheaper.... Around 65p per litre. I fill mine up once a year .
    The adblue pumps are usually located next to the HGV diesel pumps but anyone can use them.
    JayFone's avatar
    Over £1 a litre in my local!
  2. Broadsword's avatar
    It’s a big old bottle without a spout so make sure your happy with that before buying.
    Arizolas's avatar
    Too much hassle without a spout, I imagine it will end up allover
  3. sinstripe's avatar
    Link for 2x 10 with spout…

    Bit more expensive but easier to manage and lighter on one’s back. Likely less waste.
    Same voucher can be used.
  4. amd12345's avatar
    Seems like a good deal to me. My nearest garage/petrol station sells it for 34.99 for 10 litres!!! (edited)
  5. bubble63's avatar
    Just filled up at a car Adblue pump at a BP station near Royston , Cambridgeshire, £1.69 a litre so this is on par
    At this station the HGV Adblue was out of bounds to cars and vans 😫
    The HGV pump had a large petrol sized gun , the car/van one had a nozzle the correct size for my van :/
    headboard99's avatar
    £1.69...... are you sure that wasn't diesel? The nozzles on the adblue are much smaller than the diesel pumps, they fit fine into the cars adblue tank.
  6. olsen8704's avatar
    This is really good value. Ad Blu costs have risen massively over the last 18 months. I haven't seen it under £1 P/L for quite a while now.
  7. sampatelsp's avatar
    I bought 2 10 litre ones last week from this seller. Def recommend the smaller ones as its hard enough. They come with a flexible funnel. Can be done carefully as a one person job with minimal wastage. Recommended.
  8. fibonaccideals's avatar
    Wonder if a spout from one of those 10 litre bottles can be used on this? Seems like a good deal otherwise.
  9. oscarozze's avatar
    Bargain that. Use the home bargains 79p spout, no issues
  10. rapid85's avatar
    Adblue. The biggest con in living memory. Designed to help diesel cars to be environmentally friendly, and buyers were told as such. The only problem is, they weren't environmentally friendly before adblue, and they aren't after. The only difference is, you pay extra for the privilege of them not being environmentally friendly.
    agentcain's avatar
    They actually are environmentally friendly. Diesel vehicles are more robust, so they last longer. They can also work with a number of fuel sources, provided that their fuel systems are not as picky as the modern ones are. They give higher mpg, so they consume less for the same distance. They also emit less CO2 compared to petrol cars.

    The problem is they are not more human friendly than petrol ones due to NOx emissions. But when it comes to the environment, the net result is better.
  11. prkumar80's avatar
    I ordered Monday and it delivered Thursday. I might be lucky they given me two spout in the box..
  12. player10's avatar
    Damn. Just paid £16 for 10 litres at Aldi
  13. philireland1's avatar
    Do u need this stuff???
  14. tony1234's avatar
    Avoid. Bought this on Friday. Checked the tracking on Wednesday as it was due Tuesday. I've sent him a message, the response is in broken English. He's dispatched it on eBay but not even sent it. He's blamed his distribution process.
    I sell on eBay, if I did that I'd be marked down and have my selling and listing limited!!!
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