Addis 3 Tier Airer ONLY £2.40 at Sainsburys instore

Addis 3 Tier Airer ONLY £2.40 at Sainsburys instore

Found 21st Apr 2014
Found this in Sainsburys in Stroud, £24.00 (90% off) making just £2.40... BARGAIN!!!
Apparently it's in all stores dependent on stock.


Hot if you can get one.

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The receipt

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I have added a pic of the receipt,Its just awaiting a mod to allow it

Great price-these were £7.20 last week.


Very good price

I know a few people who have had these I went today and none left.

Good price, unfortunately got one last week ,heat added

I got this last month for £10 so HOT if you can find it, works well and can hang a normal wash load with room to spare.

Were £7.50 in my local this morning

I didn't know adidas made airers. Whatever next!

Lol it's addis not adidas

I know.

Wow! Thanks OP

£7.40 in Christchurch one on Saturday

Great price but sorry think I pressed cold button by mistake!

£7.50 in mine just now

Can't find any at that price

Great price Thankyou

I'll be going down Sainburys after work as mine broke over the weekend. Heat added. hope i can find one.

anyone else got one but the op? dont want to go on a search if store specific

I think they were just half price in mine. May well have reduced them more by now though, will investigate

This is surprisingly hot for an instore deal about such a specific item!
Usually have to be in a certain dimensional plane to be in with a chance.

Do they have any size 10's?

£24.00 at Sedgefield even though shelf said £7.20

sold out at oldbury

£7.20 Dewsbury, this morning:(

had them in Sainsburys Torquay for £2.40 -

£7.20 in Canley, had loads left

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Don't know why this got expired, Just been shopping in the Stroud Sainsbury's again, and they still have about 3 left @ £2.40.

barcode would help others track this down heat added in anticipatition

they are still available in Torquay for £2.40

None in Newhaven

Penzance had over 50 in stock at this price at 10am verified by hq
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