Additions Direct - £24 - External hdd hard drive Buffalo ministation - 320Gb usb portable

Additions Direct - £24 - External hdd hard drive Buffalo ministation - 320Gb usb portable

Found 17th Jan 2010
Cat No: PH6461T

could be a miss price as they are selling the Buffaloministation 160gb for £54.00 on the same page? and this one is 360gb for only £24 and with the 20% off code as little over £19 each. I invested in a couple, went through no problems.

Lightweight portable hard drive - ideal for transporting large files.
Transfer rates up to 64% faster. Shock-resistant chassis. Includes free back-up and security software. Plug and play storage. Compatible with Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP, Mac OS X and above.


* Additions Direct
* Choice
* Empire Stores
* Great Universal
* Kays
* Littlewoods
* Very
* Littlewoods Ireland
* Marshall Ward
And all other shop direct companys
- lottysdad08
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nothing at the link
Showing as £59.99
Link doesn't work, and nothing listed if you do a search of the site. :oops:
Found it now.... ]Here
Just ordered, found it here…_id|1&Nao=0&groupId=501254312Ν=this_product&SNtk=&Np=1&SN=154+4294484645+85+4294490204&Ntt=501254312&D=501254312&Ntk=group_search&Dx=mode%2bmatchall&thisprod=501254312&N=154+4294484645+85+4294490204&Nty=1&Mis_item_id=15&Mis_item_loc_id=1&product=501254312&pageSize=12
try cat no ph646
posted link fine but glad a few of you found its there
just ordered thanks...
Is this a good deal? It sure seems it.

Got another £30 off with ZG103 too! (I ordered more than 1!)
must be a mis price, shame its not the same price on the littlewoods site being the same company an all
Thanks, just the job!
This is hot. Been looking for something like this for a while. What a good price. Don't forget to go via quidco for a further 8% discount.
this must be a mis price!

this must be a mis price!

Of course.
ordered from Marshall ward (on account) so nothing to lose, may be a misprice, but would it be mispriced across all sites? if not happy days
i have this drive and use it all the time, paid £79.99 last year so very good deal.

It has been replaced by the ministation lite 320gb so could just be a genuine clearance bargain or a mis price as you said
Great Deal, thanks!
Wow very nice price.
Ordered with a PNY USB stick for £29 delivered with a code. Great deal dude
Definite mis price. Still, I've taken a spin too.
Got one, been after something similar but couldn't afford the usual £50+, many thanks OP
Ordered. :-D
ordered one too thanks
Just ordered 2 and used 15% off code Probably could have used one of the "new customer" codes as I am actually a new customer, but meh. If they make me pay it back, I don't care since it's a bargain anyway :-D Would have been tempted to get a third for the gf, but I'm not made of money.
nice one, ordered 1
Ordered 2 the 15% code worked only in my case Heat and Rep Added!
Just order with an extra 15% off too using code XX585

Thanks - ordered 3 for a total of £45 inc. delivery with the voucher code plus possible Quidco. Let's see whether they honour the price...
they have to phone you if they have an incorrect price and want to change the order... you then can choose whether to buy at the price they then tell you or not.... according to their T&C's
topcashback 8% ordered 2 but bet they don't come. If this ain't a misprice it's the best deal I've seen in ages so heat from me and look like everyone else ;-)

Ordered!Got another £30 off with ZG103 too! (I ordered more than 1!)

I tried to enter this code but it didn`t go through, can you tell how i should do?
evrything appreciated
£ 45.95 for three... wOOt wOOt.
lol you're all gonna be charged the actual price if you used discount codes if you're not eligible. still a good price though.
thanks just ordered
Just ordered 3 for £45.95 including delivery. Absolute bargain but its gotta be a misprice! Lets hope it isnt of if it is, that they honour it!!
Just order the one and have £23.50 credit in my account
are these compatible with vista?
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