Additions Direct Portland 5 piece garden set £125 was £449 @ Additions Direct

Additions Direct Portland 5 piece garden set £125 was £449 @ Additions Direct

Found 19th Aug 2009Made hot 7th Sep 2009
Contemporary set with curved slatted table and 4 chairs in American Ash. Table: H 72, w 150, d 90cms. Chair: H 90, w 60, d 80cms. Wood.


Nice set.


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Sorry mmm007, but cold.
Check the review on their offer page, and it looks rather naff too.
As for additions direct - shady-shady-shady from past experience.:x

Its like nothing in a frying pan.

beutiful set gutted i bought a new table from tesco few months back :-(

Bought - Thanks!

Used £20 off voucher + QuidCo ; most of these things are just factory produced anyway at the cheapest cost, so I expect a quality impact.

Dont think its a misprice as its on offer at £150 at, interestingly is only showing as being reduced from £199.

I bought this earlier in the summer, it was 199 when i bought it and i used a 30% off voucherso i got it for not much more than the cost now.
Its nice, but the chairs are quite wide and heavy and dont really fit that well under the table, its hard to get in and out on them they are almost exactally the length of the table leaving no space to get off the chair if you know what i mean,
Plus the wood seems really bad quality. its quite rough and looks a little shot together at times, something i wouldnt expect for a higher price table. It started to go blackish within a month so i would recommend treating as soon as you get it.

My opinion is not bad for the price, but in hindsight i wouldnt pay more than that, its certainly not a £449 quality table,
It isl not store easy either, ive had to get a cover, as opposed to my last table which the top came off and chairs stacked in garage. this one takes up at least a good 1.5m x 1.5m part of the garden now.

Comes up at £449.00 on that link??

expired now i think
its showing Cash price: £449.00
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