Adidas Backstage Sale @ Adidas Shop

Adidas Backstage Sale @ Adidas Shop

Found 4th Nov 2013
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y cold its a bargin heat added
Wats the backstage sale? Cant find ir
This shouldn't be cold, there are some very good bargains to be had... but apparently people are too stupid to take instruction and sign up to the website to see the sale and so just vote cold
Lol never seen adidas online sell so many styles of originals trainers for £17-22
I have an automatic backstage sale pass and they have some awesome bargains. New stock always coming up so loads of items they try to get rid of! I'm a sucker for Adidas and buy at least one item a month from the sale
Probably cold because there are about 10 other posts about this sale.
Give this guy some heat! Amazing deals and this should have been deal of the day.
Thanks OP!
Great deal! I think this went cold due to a lack of information in its listing. I got £180 quids worth of trainers for £35
Edited by: "mdekq007" 5th Nov 2013
Got £210 worth of gear for £54 Piping Hot from me
I ordered a couple of pairs of football boots for my son but site is rubbish,took ages to get it to work and a lot of the pictures don't match the description of the items!
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