adidas David Beckham Football***FREE***

adidas David Beckham Football***FREE***

Found 29th Apr 2007
High quality, durable training ball. Machine stitched. Nylon/TPU construction for better touch on the ball and great wear resistance. Butyl bladder to maintain pressure and the shape of the ball. 30% thermoplastic polyurethane, 60% thermoplastic elastomer, 10% polyester.

Just type in code 6140 at checkout, you get £10 off plus free delivery.

initially found by pratikvats, puma shirt deal.


this company is not posting any thing i have orderd some stuff a week ago with this code nothing has been delieved not even any email of order acceptance. but any ways good find.

i tried this with another item, recieved confirmatio enail, but no order number or customer number which their site says i need to track the order, therefore don't get too excited as i doubt anything'll come through from this.

I tried this about... 5-6 months ago. It worked football was delivered, no charge. I did however recently try this with another item and basically, which I'm reading alot everywhere with la redoute and purchasing something for nothing, you'll get as far as multiple confirmations that the order has been prcoessed but then it just falls off the edge of the planet and chasing up what is essentially a flaw, is not worth it, you won't get much feedback if anything and let's be fair, you shouldn't be.

One possible answer is the whole "only with first purchase" so unless you provide entirely different credentials each time, I doubt you'd get anything ontop of what you already have.

Edit: You will get alot of junk mail though.

any1 else comfirms this works?

tried it, didnt work

La Redoute are a very poor company.

I have had about 6 items totally free from La Redoute, the most recent (a duvet cover and pillow cases) arrived just yesterday

It Works For Me!

I got my confirmation email yesterday but today another email saying order not processed... This may be that I used the code more than once :oops:

You win some you lose some.. i find La redoute "THE BEST" for honoring codes and the amount of items I've had for pennies (or less) is amazing!

Thanks for the codes everyone :thumbsup:
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