Adidas Gazelle Primeknit PK £39 delivered @ End Clothing (£89 RRP) + 3% quidco

Adidas Gazelle Primeknit PK £39 delivered @ End Clothing (£89 RRP) + 3% quidco

Found 11th Sep 2017Edited by:"dodgymix"
Most sizes including halves UK 6 to UK 10.5

Schuh reduced these to £65 in sale and all sold out except a UK6

Also Red ones for £45…tml

The womens are £29-£35 for primeknit model
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Not Free
Bargain price for any type of gazelles. These look a pretty good version and a hell of a saving.
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hammers81uk1 h, 33 m ago

Not Free

free postage
normally have to pay
dodgymix19 m ago

free postagenormally have to pay

No issue as I see its been changed from the Freebie section now anyway.
these will be flimsy

I have Gazelles and Samber (Suede and leather) and Samba are worth the extra tenner (from Windsors)
Great find - ordered - may the heat be with you
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Flimsy?? is that fact or friction

I've got various primeknit releases and they all hold up perfectly well.. obvious Leather will hold up longer although marks easily enough so in long run not much difference unless you only own one pair at a time.. ruin them and then buy a new pair

I've still got 4 year old primeknit I've worn weekly for circuit and still perfect upper
Good to see somebody actually posting nice kicks on this website. Normally we get the fugliest selections. Good work. End is the best. HOT
hammers81uk11th Sep

Not Free

Money has to change hands
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