Adidas Men's Powerband Golf Shoes £39.14 inc. delivery @

Adidas Men's Powerband Golf Shoes £39.14 inc. delivery @

Found 27th Feb 2009
Very high specification waterproof golf shoe for rock bottom price - cheapest available.

Plenty of sizes in stock, but limited colour range

Marketing Blurb:

Cradling your feet in versatile sport performance comfort, Adidas presents their PowerBand Golf Shoes. Made for flexible foot control and increased stability in your stance for you to get the most from your swings, putts and chips. The Adidas Mens PowerBand Shoes are available in sizes 7-12 and in a choice of White/red/silver or white/silver/black. With an advanced new midsole frame, foot moulding FitFoam inner and adiPrene cushioning, they feel great on your feet and are completely waterproof with a two year waterproof guarantee.
For more information on these fantastic golf shoes, click here.
Adidas PowerBand Midsole Frame Technology

To put the greatest feeling in your feet, Adidas has developed PowerBand Midsole Frame Technology which increases leverage and support for versatile control and stability in your step so you can get more power and accuracy from your swing. The quality of comfort is raised by a 3D FitFoam inner that helps the shoe to mould to the shape of your foot over time. This is assisted by a lightweight EVA midsole with adiPrene cushioning for extra softness in your step. Meanwhile high turf traction is provided by a durable rubber outsole with a firm torsion grip system.
Adidas Mens PowerBand Shoes Features

Adidas have produced an array of features to offer a soft, flexible underfoot feeling in their PowerBand Shoes to give every player the comfort, confidence and stability to make every stroke count.

* PowerBand Foot Supporting Midsole
* Waterproof Leather Upper
* 3D FitFoam Inner
* Durable Rubber Outsole & Torsion System

Adidas Waterproof Design

Protecting your feet from above against the worst the weather can throw at you is a waterproof full grain leather upper. It is so effective that Adidas has given their PowerBand Shoes an excellent two year waterproof warranty.

The Adidas Mens PowerBand Shoes are now available to buy at Onlinegolf. Firm hugging foot support never felt so great and soft!


Only the nasty yellow colour in my size (and all the sizes around mine! - 10.5) but still a good price.

Original Poster

That's the colour I've ordered - I convinced myself they weren't that bad.......

Oh well, I can always buy some sunglasses with the saving ;-)

Camo ones in my size but hit with the dreaded £5 del charge as they use couriers for H&I so no order from me. Hot deal tho.

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Are you sure it's £15? Their delivery info suggests £4.99 for delivery to Northern Ireland, Highlands and Islands.…asp

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EXPIRED - Price Back up to £48.93 now - must have been a time limited deal - still not a bad price.

£48 now! Cant believe I missed it! Broadband finally reconnected after 2 weeks without! lol
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