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Posted 12 May 2024

Adidas Originals Junior CRS Trainers (Sizes 5 - 6.5) - W/Code via App

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RRP £38, reduced to £8, extra £5 off via the Studio app with code.

Delivery is £4.99 / Delivered £7.99

Sizes Available

5, 5.5, 6 & 6.5

Help & Information

Studio More details at
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  1. dizzyjai's avatar
    They look like when your dad comes back from the pub and says got you a present kid, some adidas trainers and then your like this erm great erm thanks
  2. martinelsen's avatar
    i can see these ending up on ebay, vinted etc
    PD2K79's avatar
    Like most of the Studio bargains that have been posted on here  
  3. tosh8324's avatar
    These are some ugly trainers poor kids will get ridiculed

    Heat for the price though (edited)
  4. Burning4Deals's avatar
    Any code for free delivery
    Lee99.9's avatar
    I don't think fraiser group dos that now days??
  5. nick8427's avatar
    Thanks, Bought a few pairs in different sizes as the kids seem to fly through shoes!
  6. BKji's avatar
    Purchased. Great find. Thanks op
  7. Ozzark3's avatar
    Same price for the green version, ordered one. Thanks op.
  8. ddude05's avatar
    Ordered the green ones..thanks op
  9. -LG's avatar
    Not a bad price, but sadly part of the scammers group so I'm out.
    Envx's avatar
  10. ashtrex's avatar
    Had registration error (no reason given), changed password to a longer one with more characters and it seemed to work.
  11. wottodo's avatar
    Thanks OP. Ordered!
  12. greens117's avatar
    Promo code invalid.
  13. Envx's avatar
    Just goes to show how cheap these are made when they're making a profit on £3 a pair. Also how much people are being ripped off when paying full price.
    PD2K79's avatar
    I think they bulk buy anything brands want to get rid of and sell it on - so many clearance sites sell ‘old’ Adidas stock now that Adidas seem to have moved away from constant sales and promo codes on their own website.
  14. Cammio's avatar
    Shame it won't let me create an account to actually make a purchase
    PD2K79's avatar
    If you create an account online and then sign into the app it seems to work (others mentioned the same)
  15. Delldoy's avatar
    Code not valid it says for me
    PD2K79's avatar
    Are you using the app? Code doesn’t work on their website 
  16. paulvandyk's avatar
    It doesn't let me to register online and on app. Last time when there was a deal for tshirts, I had an option to check out via PayPal.
    zegermans's avatar
    When that happened to me it was because I already had an account. I did a password reset instead.
  17. SnakeDevil's avatar
    Cannot use single-use payment card in this store. Sus
  18. ViolaGuines's avatar
    registration error and cant pay as a guest. End of story
    PD2K79's avatar
    Have you tried registering on the website then signing into the app? Seems to have worked for others
  19. turbo_c's avatar
    What was the designer thinking?
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