Adidas Originals Mens Beckenbauer Zip Up Track Top Jacket (Red Or Navy) £29.94 @ eBay / apparelicks

Adidas Originals Mens Beckenbauer Zip Up Track Top Jacket (Red Or Navy) £29.94 @ eBay / apparelicks

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Found 27th Nov 2017
smashes adi price for £59 odd, aval in Navy Or Blue and aval in S/M/L/XL at time of posting

A champion in the 1974 German team that lifted the 1974 World Cup trophy, captain Franz Beckenbauer was famed for his elegant style, dominance and leadership on the field. Repeating the cup win in 1990 as manager of the German side, his legacy lives on celebrated in the latest adidas Originals collection.


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Look like Stormzy for less than £30. Brilliant.


Difficult to tell if this is genuine or not. The £59 ones on Adidas website (and in the the pic above) has the old trefoil logo (I googled it) on it. The version pictured does feature on quite a few other retailer websites though.
They’ve received a number of feedback comments suggesting their items were fake. Too good to be true?....
Look like Stormzy for less than £30. Brilliant.
Look like fake one
silkyskills2 m ago

Dude! what does mine say?

Sweeeeet! What does mine say?
These particular Beckenbauer’s are often 50% off from Adidas and also crop up in TK Maxx
I bought one of these a few months back from them, the blue one. I personally think they’re not genuine.
Thanks... looks good to me... I’ve ordered 2!
Look suspect to me!
Fake! Look at the close up pic of the word on the chest. I could embroider better!
Always wanted to look like Lukaku
You will look like a right nonce in those blue or red
I once bought a North Face fleece from these guys. 100% fake as confirmed by North Face themselves. Save your money and avoid
Asos are likely to be real - £36 down from £60, and different logo. Asos link. and Free Delivery & Returns*
Edited by: "obwan2014" 30th Nov 2017
Unfortunately I bought one before everyone else had commented. The logo looks unevenly stiched - the "s" at the end is noticeably different in size from the rest. The sizing seems off as well. This was supposed to be XL but I have two other Adidas track tops and they're definitely bigger than this. This is more like an L. My spidey sense is tingling... something not right methinks. I've asked for a return but I'll have to wait and see...
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