Adidas Originals Sennheiser HD220 Headphones

Adidas Originals Sennheiser HD220 Headphones

Found 3rd May 2013
Need to Register/Log on to Adidas to for these to be available at £25 rather than £50. The £50 RRP is a bit steep as I think these are fairly entry level but they seem to have pretty decent reviews and £25 isn't a bad price at all.

Also come with a nice Adidas pouch to transport them around in and Adidas are doing free delivery until May 15th
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They look pretty tacky in my opinion but haven't seen them cheaper so heat added.
these aren't that great quality I've used then before, jus sayin. not gonna vote don't worry.
they do sound good with the right equipment on my ipod they very bassy I like them
I bought one and it is poor, looks cheap and suitable for 8 year old kid!
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