Adnams Broadside  5l mini keg £10 in tesco HIGHWOODS COLCHESTER

Adnams Broadside 5l mini keg £10 in tesco HIGHWOODS COLCHESTER

LocalFound 11th Feb 2017
please take note of the store location as no idea if its local deal or multi-store deal
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I'll get my wife a keg for Valentines Day.

Hope she doesn't like it.
just remind her its the thought that counts, and cross you finger she don't send an ear ringing
broadside across your bow lol
Nice and strong stuff.
Favourite beer - superb flavour and strong enough.......just wish I was near Colchester, there'd be none left!
think unless someone driving a HGV they gonna last a while as stack of boxes in front
of booze aisle as high as shelf lol, half of kegs said broadside other half had pic of nelson on them
did ask if same price told me yea
Well I popped in there Friday morning (yesterday) as I checked the store is 24 hours, so did a detour, still plenty of stock left, bought a few cans of Broadside.

You have to search for it, end of the drinks aisle, not even unpacked, still in sealed boxes of 2 kegs, both Broadside and Southwold Bitter, I would say there were around 10 boxes of Broadside (20 Kegs) and around 12 Boxes of Southwold (24 Kegs) left. Both still at £10 a Keg.

The Best Before was 24th Feb on Broadside and 20th Feb on Southwold, I reckon your probably get at least another couple of weeks out of them if you store them in a cool constant temperature, bearing in mind how the Best before dates work these days, but dont quote me on that.

Only bought Broadside, and yes its delicious, perfect Pint just like in Pub, this is Live Beer same as the Cask Conditioned stuff thats gets shipped out to Pubs and not the Pasteurized stuff you find in Bottles or Cans, and hence the 4.5% Alcohol rather than the 6+% in the bottles, It has a lovely natural carbonation that you will only ever find in Real Ale Casks. Cant comment on the Southwold as didn't buy any.

at £10 a Keg, definitely worth a trip there before it all goes, even if it means going out of your way.
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