Adnams Sole Star Pale Amber Ale 500ml £1 at Morrisons

Adnams Sole Star Pale Amber Ale 500ml £1 at Morrisons

Found 9th Oct 2013
Just bought this for my husband - seems a good price for a bottle of beer. Checked date and it's ok until June 2014 so all-in-all a good buy!
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Only 2.7% if that bothers you.
May as well drink shandy.
Well, here's a quote from the company website - it DEFINITELY has it's advantages!!

Fergus explains how he selected the malts and hops to create Sole Star: “The Black Malt helps give a good depth of colour, and the Munich and Crystal Malts give the beer its depth and body as well as some toffee notes. The hops – Chinook and Cascade – were used as they are good bittering hops with attractive citrus characters yet are not too aggressive or harsh. The aim was to create a lower abv beer with all the taste and body of a standard strength ale.”
Some drinkers will also be pleased to know that in addition to having the lowest number of alcohol units per pint of any beers in the Adnams range (1.6 units per pint), Sole Star also has the fewer calories at 80 calories per half pint.
Nothing wrong with 2.7% now and again - at lunchtime for example. And I'd rather drink Adnam's than shandy.
Luvvly drop, good for quaffing in a session.
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