Adobe CS5 from £110.92 @ Software4Students

Adobe CS5 from £110.92 @ Software4Students

Found 18th May 2010
From mailout:

Why Buy Adobe CS5 ?
When you think of Adobe software you think of their most popular products such as Photoshop and Dreamweaver.

However, Adobe Creative Suite 5 will offer even MORE than the usual 80% discount to students.

Introducing Data and Analytics: Omniture technologies are now integrated into Adobe CS5 software. This allows content creators to capture, store and assess important analytics data. Knowing the value of a digital asset is a vital part of any ongoing online business strategy.

Live Online Services: Workflow is even easier with CS5 now that Adobe has integrated its software with new Adobe CS Live online services that include: BrowserLab, CS Review, NetAverages,, and Adobe Story.

Critics are describing Adobe CS5 as the most significant leap forward in the series. If ever there was a time to invest in new Adobe software, it's NOW.

The comparison chart on our website shows you the different packages available - see exactly what you will get with Software4Students.

Thank you for your continued feedback and support!

The Software4Students Team


only adobe dreamweaver cs5 at this price.

cheaper on amazon:…E4Q

(web premium and master premium also a lot cheaper on amazon, and i imagine there will be other cheaper places for the others)

You have to send off proof of eligibility to Adobe. You MUST be in university to get the serial number from them, and I believe that it will stop working when you graduate. This is much more restrictive than the Microsoft student offers.

Cold for me, cheaper at Amazon.

Good to see Adobe offering decent student prices.


Good to see Adobe offering decent student prices.

Worst thing is when you leave/graduate you are no longer entitled to use the software!!

No upgrade is possible either - you're entitled to pay full whack to get it again.

and they wonder why they're one of the most pirated software companies...

Cheers xlancy,

You found the one page on the adobe website that I was looking for. If there's no difference in versions between student and commercial, then we should save money and go for student. Grab your nearest student and offer him/her a crate of stella.

Also noticed that Quidco does 10percent if you buy directly from the Adobe shop. Service from adobe directly is pretty slow, but if you don't mind the wait it's worth it.

Yeah I just grabbed my brother who is in college, purchased design premium just before the cutoff date for free delivery and got £27 back via quidco.
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