Adonit Evernote Edition Jot Script Fine Point Stylus for iPad/iPhone £36.99 @ Amazon

Adonit Evernote Edition Jot Script Fine Point Stylus for iPad/iPhone £36.99 @ Amazon

Found 30th May 2014
Pixelpoint Technology - Pixelpoin technology has enabled the first fine point stylus on the market with a 1.9mm tip. Within Jot Ready Apps, the Bluetooth LE will communicate the angle and location of the tip to place the ink point exactly underneath the stylus. Jot Script is the best stylus for writing and note taking.
Design - Jot Script was designed to reflect the style of a high-end ball point pen with a ribbed grip around the aluminum barrel. It has the same metal finish, quality construction, simplicity, and weighted hand balance that Adonit styluses are known for.
Battery Powered - No need for messy docks or cables. The Jot Script is powered by a standard AAA lithium battery and connects effortlessly via Bluetooth 4.0; just grab Jot Script and start writing.
Penultimate Stylus - Evernote reinvented Penultimate, the #1 note taking app for iPad, to offer an unsurpassed ink-on-paper experience. Jot Script's breakthrough PixelpointTM technology and Penultimate's intuitive software brings handwriting into the digital age. The Jot Script works conveniently with Penultimate and other popular apps to offer the best note taking experience possible on iPhones and iPads. View all Jot Script Apps.
Compatible with all iOS Devices except ipad 2. (Bluetooth 4 Required for some functionality)
Does not work if-a)wrongly attempting to pair the device through their iOS device's Bluetooth settings, instead of pairing it directly with apps as we advertise; b) wrongly attempting to pair the device with incompatible apps, instead of pairing it with the specific apps we advertise as compatible. These issues are avoided by following our product use instructions
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21st century...
So now we need to pay 500£ for Ipad and 40£ for the pen, be able to write, instead of sheet of paper 0.5p and pencil 10p...
I love progress.
Just vote cold it's less taxing on the tongue
Penultimate, so this is second to last, i wonder what could be worse?
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