Adopt A Penguin - £9.99 Delivered @ Play

Adopt A Penguin - £9.99 Delivered @ Play

Found 8th Mar 2011
# Inside the gift box:
# Welcome letter
# Gift registration details
# An explanation of the gift including
# A booklet about Humboldt penguins
# Information about SEA LIFE centres
# Presentation certificate

Have just ordered this for my daughter - it seems to be half price compared to other shops.


but sure you can pick-up-pick-up a penguin for cheaper than this.....

btw not voted either way, dont know if good or bad price


Heat added - nice price / gift

oh yeah can you imagine walking to school with your penguin, all the kids teasing him because he looks nothing like his (adopted) dad, kids can be cruel

How does this work? Are paying the extra money or are people normally giving less than £10 to the cause after paying the full price of £20.
Seems to me most of what you give to charity goes into someone elses pocket? Maybe I'm missing something?
The Seal Life Centres are a nice day out, but you can normally pick up 2 for 1 vouchers or kids free.

"Adopt An Olive Tree"

Another stocking filling for my GF's 21st. :-D
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