ADSL Broadband USB  Modem  £10:99 delivered

ADSL Broadband USB Modem £10:99 delivered

Found 6th Jul 2006
I know its cheap and cheerful, but what do you do when your ADSL fails and after contacting your ISP they say the fault is either at your end or in the local exchange and that BT will investigate within 1-6 days but if its found to be your end thats at fault they will charge you £56 to tell you your modem is broken!
Grab one of these and put it away in a cupboard if you dont already have a spare ADSL modem, it may just come in handy one day

This is a top performing ADSL Modem developed for `Self Install' ADSL. A complete package of modem and in-line Microfilters ensures that fast Internet and your voice telephony are optimised.

This USB Modem provides you with a neat and easy to use solution to connect your personal computer to the ADSL line for fast Internet access. Two top class Microfilters protect the voice element of the line allowing you to talk on the phone and surf the Internet at the same time. Powered directly from your computer's USB port, it avoids the inconvenience of the mains power adaptor, giving laptop and desktop PC owners easy, effective access to the fast Internet environment.

Key customer benefits are...
-Full Rate ADSL upto 8Mbps -Easy to use and install -No separate power supply -Product helpdesk support -Simple management software -All in one package of modem, leads and software driver -Comprehensive User and Technical guides -BT quality and reliability -Full CE approval.

The modem pack contains...
-ADSL USB modem -USB cable -Telephone line cord -ADSL Microfilter -CD Software Disk


Nice link, I fully agree with your recommendation - I often setup or troubleshoot adsl connections for people and a USB ADSL modem is usually invaluable as it allows you to quickly eliminate possible causes.


hehe MikeT sounds like personal experience talking there Thanks!
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