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ADSL Microfilter BT Sky Micro Filter RJ11 Modem Telephone Broadband - £1.69 delivered @ monkeyinthewall / ebay

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Posted 6th Jul 2022

This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

  • ADSL MICROFILTER SUITABLE FOR PHONES, FAX MACHINES , ALARM SYSTEMS AND DIGITAL TV BOXES. The DSL filter adaptor separates voice and data signals to prevent interference and dropouts. This splitter is designed for use with ADSL broadband internet in the UK
  • FEATURING HIGH-PERFORMANCE CIRCUITS TO KEEP TELEPHONE CONVERSATIONS at high quality while maintaining optimum ADSL line speeds. It plugs into a BT-style telephone socket and provides one telephone socket as well as one ADSL modem connector socket.
  • THE CIRCUIT PROTECTION WILL BE PROVIDED MOSTLY BY STANDARD CENTRAL OFFICE LINE PROTECTION means and additional protection measures built into the POTS splitter to protect against line overload, which could harm the splitter itself.
  • BT TO RJ11 ENABLES A BROADBAND MODEM TO PLUG IN ALONGSIDE A NORMAL TELEPHONE DEVICE. It filters out undesirable noise that might otherwise appear on the telephone side due to the ADSL signal.

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  1. Avatar
    Who buys these, don't we all have draws full of these?
    Yes, I haven’t used one of these for nearly a decade, but have loads in my ‘just in case box’ of wires, along with SCART and FireWire cables etc. My line was installed with splitter built into the socket.
  2. Avatar
    If I could sell these from my 'bits draw' for £1 I could probably retire.
  3. Avatar
    Any idea what, if any, difference this is to the filter usually supplied with home WiFi routers Ben?
    I have no clue unfortunately just cheapest I could find it decided to post
  4. Avatar
    Blimy, they still make these?!!
  5. Avatar
    Yes,always keep these.
    Also tended to keep larger electrical eqipment"just in case"in the garage.
    But when I went through everything and found an On digital set top box from around 2000 I decided to have a clear out!
    And if you keep retired appliances in your loft
    Come the day you'll find a use for one
    And though the others in head believe you're soft
    Fear not, one day you'll be a man, my son

    Mr Kipling
    (Much better at cakes than poems)