Adult crocs sandals £11.96 at Costco

Adult crocs sandals £11.96 at Costco

Found 9th Aug 2014
was looking for the holiday footware in Costco and saw some genuine adult crocs for £11.96. Quickly checked Amazon prices and found the ones I was holding in my hand for £24. They had various colours and sizes from 7 upwards .. lots of 8s, 9s and 10s

this was in the Coventry store.

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Disgusting footwear for adults!

Disgusting footwear for adults!

Oh.......but not for Hospital Surgical Staff/Chilling on the Beach/Relaxing in the Garden/Public Showers in Camp Sites

And many more practical uses... for a comfortable cheapo and easily cleaned shoe
Hate their Look... but Love the Shoe
I would have imagined there'd be lots in every size, horrible tacky looking footwear!
I hate these but bought a pair for gardening and they stay outside !
The most comfortable shoes. Perfect for the beach and camping etc. Look dreadful but I think they are brill and deffo vote hot.
agree with most of the comments above, they don't look great, but crocs are very comfy to wear.
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