Adult Day Trip to Stonehenge and Bath for £29 (51% Off) @ Groupon (Premium Tours)

Adult Day Trip to Stonehenge and Bath for £29 (51% Off) @ Groupon (Premium Tours)

Found 14th Jan 2012
Frustrated travellers can become so desperate for adventure that they set up tents in the garden, sip pina coladas in the bath and open the windows during the winter. Take some real time-out with today's Groupon: £29 for a day trip to Stonehenge and Bath with Premium Tours.

Whether drawn to regal residences, murder mysteries, or quaffing champagne on top of the Eifel Tower, serial sightseers can have their thirst for travel quenched by Premium Tours. Destination delvers can scour the streets of London from the top of a roofless road-mobile, sample the epicurean delights of jellied eels, or make like a monarch with a light-lunch at Harrods.

The trip begins by being swept away to Stonehenge, the monolithic monument shrouded in the verdant vistas of Salisbury plains. Unravel the mystery with access to the fabled fast track entrance, before rocking up to the souvenir-shop for some stone-shaped trinkets. With time to spare, travellers will be whiled away to the beatific town of Bath to imbibe some Georgian Splendour, visit the eponymous Roman baths and enjoy a spot of tea before heading home.
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Someone should be shot for paragraph 2

Someone should be shot for paragraph 2

I agree ,it doesn't give you much confidence in the tour,probably end up being a 2 day tour by the time the driver gets his bearings.
This trip opposed to the Hoover Dam visit that sucks.
Should probably mention it starts in London in the title.
What's wrong with this deal?
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