Adult Medium Count Duckula Costume now £8.43 del @ Amazon

Adult Medium Count Duckula Costume now £8.43 del @ Amazon

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Mod & Ed
Found 2nd Aug 2012
Brings back wonderful memories, who can forget Count Duckula enemy of Dangermouse with Igor & his huge Nanny never seen without her arm sling
Now those memories can be re enacted with the help of this costume, good reviews ( the 1 bad one is regarding an amazon marketplace trader, not the costume )
Count Duckula Costume, includes Jacket with Attached Shirt, Shorts, Leggings, Cape, Shoe Covers, Gloves and Mask


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"Ducky poos"

Enemy of Dangermouse?!

I truly didn't know that

Quacking price.


Should be perfect for all the Ebay ....counts!

price seems to change to £25.98 when u click to buy anyone else experiencing this?

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back in stock & now even cheaper @ £8.43 del

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