Adulthood Blu Ray £5.97 @ Amazon

Adulthood Blu Ray £5.97 @ Amazon

Found 16th Mar 2010
Sequel to kidulthood

We all inevitably grow up, but in the case of Sam Peel (Noel Clarke, DOCTOR WHO), the transition from KIDULTHOOD to ADULTHOOD is particularly difficult. Having been released from prison for causing the death of Trife six years previously, Sam struggles to come to terms with life on the outside. Confronted by those that he hurt before his incarceration, Sam begins to realise how his actions have affected others while trying to figure out which of his victims is looking to get even with him as he is stalked by a pack of young thugs. Sam attempts to tell this new breed of troublemakers that they should stop the violence, as Trife had tried to tell him years ago. But will the cycle of violence continue?
As was the case with KIDULTHOOD, ADULTHOOD follows the raw exploits of a group of characters across West London over the course of a single day. Once again, Noel Clarke demonstrates the same assured writing skills that were on offer in KIDULTHOOD, but this time he also steps behind the camera in the role of director. As writer, director, and star, Clarke manages to convey all the grittiness 21st century London can offer and the danger that youths manage to find themselves caught up in. ADULTHOOD, like its predecessor, is a disturbing yet vibrant look at issues affecting young Londoners and speaks with an authenticity that is all too often missing from other films that attempt to discuss issues related to youth violence.
- diGriz




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Everyone hates you...

Watched half an hour of this Saturday night and had to turn it off as the language being spoke in it , which I didn't recognise made me feel quite ill.

Give me South Wales wenglish any day of the week like ennit!:oops:

You's waste man, brrrraaap. Well merked.

Top film, if you can get past the language barrier.

is kidulthood anygood

good price...haven't watched this though


is kidulthood anygood

]IMDB Rating and Info.

Pretty average rating from imdb but i thought it was OK.

not a particularly good film, better off getting city of god


not a particularly good film, better off getting city of god

agreed.. 100X better as well as the tv series city of men.

id go for la haine any day of the week, maybe gomorrah or sin nombre too.. something about foreign films that just works better than this self indulgent 'innit bruv' b.s.
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