ADV Anime Blowout including The Guyver from £2.99  @ Play

ADV Anime Blowout including The Guyver from £2.99 @ Play

Found 11th Jul 2009Made hot 25th Jul 2009
Play have a lot of individual volumes from £2.99, nice if you want to plug a few gaps in your collection.


Worth mentioning it is the ORIGINAL Guyver series they're selling.


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All The Guyver Vol 1 to 7 are Out of stock:x

Is this a good anime?


Is this a good anime?

It is not too bad, depends if you like the original guyver anime you may appreciate it more.

The new guyver series from 2005 did follow on farther into the guyver universe thn the original series which had to stop production due to budget issues, but it also has some of the worst pacing ever. Basically the last 20 minutes of the final episode include at least 25% of the storyline. (There are 26 episodes in total).

If you want to experience a better guyver get this series, though it is incomplete and has poor animation by todays standards, the action is still better than the new series.

In retrospect ALL guyver movies and anime have very poor production values.

damn would have got all of them if they were in stock. Really enjoyed this series
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