ADV Films anime titles £2.99 delivered @ Anime-On-Line!
ADV Films anime titles £2.99 delivered @ Anime-On-Line!

ADV Films anime titles £2.99 delivered @ Anime-On-Line!

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Good saving on Fist of the North Star, save around £4 a volume and £3 on Samurai Gun volumes

Angelic Layer Volume 3-7 (PG)
Area 88 Volume 2-4 (PG/12)
Divergence Eve Volume 3 (12)
Gasaraki Volume 1-8 (15)
Gravion Volume 1-3 (PG/12)
New Fist Of The North Star Volume 1-3 (15/18)
Samurai Gun Volume 3-4 (15)
Yugo The Negotiator Volume 1-4 (15)
Zaion Volume 2 (PG)

They also have Gantz DVDs for £4.99, so worth a look at the site if you are an anime fan!


Great anime, an eighties classic.

You recommend the site? I found some books im after and haven't heard of the site before.

I would also be interested in any personal recommendations if there is anybody out there who has bought from this company....................

Ive bought from them before

and so far I havent had any problems. They also give you loyalty points for repeat customers.

Was this not a website that people reported problems with fraudulent credit card use on a year or so ago?

I took a punt on some things. Will come back and post if i remember. If i don;t its probably all good Oo

Love fist of the north star, brilliant ! Gunslinger girl too .. one of my all time faves.

Used the site a lot, never had any problems

Have used the site loads with no problems.

If they still have the lain volumes for £1.99 each, go for it, as it's a classic. It'll remind you of the Matrix (but with less CGI action and a bit more existential pondering).

I bought from these rogues last year and only received one item of a 3 item order. I emailed them and they promised to have the remaining items sent out... on 3 separate occasions.

To this day I've not received my full order.


Great anime, an eighties classic.

It's the NEW Fist of the North Star, which kinda pales in comparison to the original series.

It's unfortunate you had a bit of trouble, but I'd suggest you contact them again, and maybe ask for a refund if they don't have the item(s) in stock.
They've given me excellent service so far, including re-sending an item which got lost in the post.

They're also the official outlet for MVM Entertainment, so I don't think rogues would be the best way to describe them. en.wikipedia.org/wik…lms

The worst customer experience I've had by far would have to be The Hut (which apparently won countless awards last year *rolls eyes*) but that's a story for another day :).
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