Advent C312 wireless keyboard and mouse £4.97 @ Currys in store

Advent C312 wireless keyboard and mouse £4.97 @ Currys in store

Found 6th Sep 2015
Ok this is not going to be amazingly good for gaming etc but for general use this is ideal. spotted this in the Doncaster branch this morning as a clearance item. would assume this is nationwide.


Heat added. If only it had a trackpad in the keyboard at this price, :-/

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was tempted by one with a track pad but personally wouldn't use it. This one is well reviewed and not too expensive…B8K
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Not in the shop near me but good deal if you can find one
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winning the lottery on Sunday might be an easier task

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it was in amongst the other keyboards with a proper shelf edge sticker which could mean nationwide but obviously this is pot luck. May be good to ring prior

Saw this in Solihull on Fri but none in stock apart from the display model which didn't have the wireless dongle, so didn't buy. Good deal if you can find stock though

Picking up the other one they had in the Doncaster shop, this morning.


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nice one mate glad they got you sorted

could some one please show me how i get this item?
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