Advent calendar of FREEBIE software!

Advent calendar of FREEBIE software!

Found 5th Dec 2017Edited by:"Zebedee2017"
unfortunately, the calendar is in German (you can tell who's been scouring the Pepper foreign pages for freebies?), but the links on it so far seem to be pointing (mostly) to English language pages.

where a "buying" code is required to get an item FREE eg the U-bahn game/simulator on 3rd Dec, then it is given in the corresponding info for that day - look for 'Gutscheincode' (coupon code)

most software these days has multi-language install options, anyway, so you *should* be OK?

if/when you AV scan the installer stubs, it's not unlikely that you'll find Adware etc in them.
based on experience, this is invariably contained in the freebie bloatware that is "kindly offered", and the original product installer contained within them will *usually* not contain any.
therefore, i'd advise clicking "Nein" when running the installer (the bloatware offers are in German).
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there's ALWAYS tat... we live in a bloody world of tat?!?!
Edited by: "Zebedee2017" 5th Dec 2017
Thanks. I've been looking for last year's post to see if they are doing it this year.
Christmas day should be the AVG licence.
There were some decent pieces of software before.
Some tat too.
there's ALWAYS tat... we live in a bloody world of tat?!?!
Edited by: "Zebedee2017" 5th Dec 2017
TAT'll do for today Zebedee...
Don't download f-secure and avg has detected the .exe as rouge miners. seems to attempt to download files from various URLs when opening be careful when using.
Random Steam key after jumping through hoops was.... *drum roll* star project. Wow just look at those reviews :P
Managed to get Steam key for Earth 2150: Lost Souls.
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