Adventureland £2.99 @ Play

Adventureland £2.99 @ Play

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Cheapest yet!!!

Welcome to Adventureland, where the worst job imaginable is about to inadvertently turn into the summer that changes everything. Fresh on the heels of directing the runaway hit Superbad, writer-director Greg Mottola returns with a hilariously human, semi-autobiographical comedy about an uptight, overeducated young man whose lowly new Career leads to the wildest ride of his life - a journey through puking kids, angst-filled co-workers and a dizzying-making romantic triangle - all the way to facing his own future with guts and optimism.
- diGriz


heat added

beat me 2 it

I was really looking forward to this but i'm afraid i thought it was rather poor.Still HEAT added as it's a good price if your after buying it.

good price heat added, rubbish film IMO

yeah i rented this on bluray, turned it off after 20 minutes. i couldnt get into it, none of the characters had any feel to them, you didnt care what happened to anyone. if youre gonna buy a film ending in land, make is zombieland.

C'mon guys, no one's interested in your very personal opinions which are of course subjective.

Here's a more useful thing to post;…22/

Cex buying for £4. Take 5 in for £5 profit.

I thought this film was great. Really poorly marketed, as it made it look like a typical teen movie, and it isn't.


Bill Murray sketch is hilarious :-D


TWINKIES!Bill Murray sketch is hilarious :-D

lol... wrong film :thumbsup:



TWINKIES!Bill Murray sketch is hilarious :-D

Zombieland :thumbsup:

i loved this film!

Great film, ordered.
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