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Posted 25 December 2022

AEG Air Purifier Sale (AX3-9) - Prices: £43.99 - £127.59 (with codes) @ AEG

£43.99£99.9956% off
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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

AEG have a sale across different home appliances. The most interesting for me was the air-purifiers. With a range of models available of of high quality with a big discount.

On top of their current sale, 2 voucher codes can be used to give an additional 30% off the item.

Using a combination of the following voucher codes:
10% - GBOJ-AEG2-9WSR



Individual links:
AEG More details at AEG
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  1. Avatar
    set of filters around 150gbp. No thanks.
    Zee whaat???
  2. Avatar
    The cheapest price I can get with the codes is 129.50 with the ax5. Price is showing up as 184.99 before using the codes.

    Worth mentioning that JL and Amazon have the AX3 in stock for £100.
    You have to use both discount codes listed.
    1) GBOJ-AEG2-9WSR
    2) RGDEC20
  3. Avatar
    No mention of being a HEPA filter in the comments. Isn't that what you'd want in an air purifier?
    HEPA is an American standard... but that would require it to be tested to MERV ratings... which hasn't been. It should have used the EU BS EN1822, either H13/H14 or preferably the U15-17 classes. No mention of this which would put it in par with the Chinese filters... which I would trust more.
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    Wow, just about to try and sell mine .... after I got it at £579! I have the AX9...it's pretty awesome tbh. Hooks up to an app to show air quality. And is responsive to smoke and you can tell the difference in air once it's done it's thing is amazing
  5. Avatar
    Thanks! ordered the AX9 for £116.59, original price is £530. Filters are a bit pricey (£80) but worth it for this price
    Don't forget 8% tcb
  6. Avatar
    In my experience aeg.co.uk is an awful horrible company with customer support that ignore calls, regularly transfers calls around, and often try to confuse you when you do get through with tricks like oh you are through to warranty support we don't cover late deliveries but can put you back into the one hour queue. I hope you have a better experience than I did ordering an air conditioner this summer that had guaranteed 4 days delivery. Four weeks later it still had not been delivered. I couldn't get through to cancel to anyone that wasn't "warrantee support". I eventually canceled by email which they took another month to acknowledge and respond to. uk.trustpilot.com/rev….uk their Trustpilot rating sums it up. (edited)
    Aeg is just another Electrolux brand name these days. You get Electrolux levels of service, which from what I have read amounts to them always sorting your problems out eventually once the final court order is issued....
  7. Avatar
    Fantastic, needed one of these makes a huge difference. All codes worked got the £500 version for £127! Thanks
  8. Avatar
    used the codes and bought the AX9 420m, hopefully cashback will track too.

    Thank you
  9. Avatar
    Hmm article has a point, and as someone who works in medical devices there is good reason we do not use this but instead use ventilation of 50 air changes a minute
  10. Avatar
    No wonder they are trying to get rid of these... for what is essentially a £5 fan with a £25 HEPA filter, a £10 PM sensor whacked into a pretty £20 case....
  11. Avatar
    Absolutely pointless, does anyone have an idea of the size these would need to be and what sort of airflow rate it would need to have to make a difference in an average sized home? You would have to sit in a cupboard or a very small room with the door shut and no vents open. Then when a door to the outside is opened the amount of air that is exchanged would take hours and hours to filter.
    Rubbish.Largest one is 620 m3/h. Just how big is your cupboard? It could filter the air in a very big room 2.5m tall by 15m squared every hour. In an average 5m squared room it would filter the air 9 times an hour.
  12. Avatar
    I got a DPD shipment notification today.
    Me too, well, awaiting parcel
  13. Avatar
    I attach one of these to the exhaust of my Diesel motor.
  14. Avatar
  15. Avatar
    ooo back to full price and sold out for the 620
    All still on sale
  16. Avatar
    I've got the AX9, it's excellent!
    How often do u change the filter, please?
  17. Avatar
    Says out of stock but somehow still managed to purchase ?
  18. Avatar
    Bought the AX7 as the AX9 won't add to basket. Should be enoug for my 12m2 bedroom.
    Do you know which filters are needing to be replaced? I think there are few different types.
  19. Avatar
    Are these for smokers or is there a difference with normal household air?
  20. Avatar
    Worth getting these? I currently have blueair 221 for £69 each but very tempted just by the low noise level on these. Mine starts at 32db according to their site while on this max is 32db
  21. Avatar
    Meh, most out of stock now
  22. Avatar
    Anyone know what’s the actual difference between each model? For example on JL, the AX7 has a larger maximum room size than the AX9 - so why is AX9 more expensive?
    Unless JL have the wrong specs because ael the ax9 is for much larger rooms
  23. Avatar
    I wonder if they will honor this price
  24. Avatar
    Dam it been looking for an air purifier for months. Missed out the the AX9 for £127. For the stats that is an absolute bargain.

    Hoping it comes back in stock
    The ax7 should be enough right? I bought two for two rooms
  25. Avatar
    Are these pointless if you keep a window open?
  26. Avatar
    Do you think they will be back in stock?
  27. Avatar
    Not working for me. Payment error with different cards.
  28. Avatar
    Is the AX5 still worth getting? As that’s the only one left in stock?
  29. Avatar
    Anyone got their orders shipped?
    Nope, not a bean from them and I ordered early.
  30. Avatar
    How did we all survive without these 20 years ago? Apparently there's very little evidence you need this in a standard UK house.
    I had a Philips one as a kid forty years ago.
  31. Avatar
    How do you get £43.99?
  32. Avatar
    Is this better than Winix with no ozone technology?