AEG BSS14 14.4v Cordless Impact Driver + 2 Batteries 2Ah - £70.90 delivered @ Tooled-Up (+ Quidco) - RRP £238

AEG BSS14 14.4v Cordless Impact Driver + 2 Batteries 2Ah - £70.90 delivered @ Tooled-Up (+ Quidco) - RRP £238

Found 22nd May 2009
I've been after a reasonably priced impact driver for a while, and this seems to fit the bill quite nicely. AEG are giving a 3 year warranty on their tools at the moment as well, which is a bonus.

This is classed as a trade tool, and is still retailing for over £200 in a number of places. Should be more than enough power for my bumbling carpenty efforts......... ;-)

Use the voucher code FVFFMAY9 to get this price, and don't forget the generous 7.5% Quidco (works out about a fiver)

- Compact, light and well balanced
- Sturdy fully insulated metal gearbox for optimum stability and safety
- Electronic switch with variable speed for improved accuracy and less damage to screw-heads.
- Forward/Lock/Reverse switch well-positioned for easy operation
- 1/4in hex direct-bit reception with quick release: easy handling, safe locking and improved visibility
- LED light for perfect illumination of the working area
- Ergonomic Softgrip T-handle design for more comfortable use
- GBS Global Battery System for professional cordless power tools
- High-performance 14.4 V battery

No-load speed rpm 0 - 2.500
Impact rate under load bpm 0 - 3300
Max. torque Nm 85
Recommended bolt range mm 4 - 12
Weight kg 2.1
¼in hex direct bit receptor which holds the bit in place
Built in LED light for improved visibility in poorly lit areas
Fully insulated metal gearbox
2 X 14.4V Batteries + Carry Case
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Just seen confirmation on the AEG website that they are giving an extended 3 year warranty on their powertools atm :thumbsup:

AeG are part of the same group as Milwaulkee and Kango and in my opinion are a BETTER option than DeWalt (formerly Black and Decker!) and offer better warranty than Hitachi.

However, you will see all cordless drills become Li Ion instead of Ni Cad (Cadmium) by end of next year and so Ni Cad battery prices will continue to fall.
OK - thanks for the info. Glad I have bought a decent driver then :-D

The Ni Cad batteries will do for me, especially as there are two of them - that is probably the reason for the bargain price.
Direct link ]HERE - main link is not going to the product for some reason...........
I would not be surprised if there is going to be a few nasty incidents involving lithium batteries in the near future. What with their tendency to explode if dropped/punctured/exposed to water or incorrectly charged (what with the quality of Chinese electronics):whistling:
Mine arrived yesterday - quality piece of kit - an absolute bargain at this price. Registered online for the 3 year warranty too :thumbsup:
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