Aerocool Dead Silence Blue Gaming Cube Case £50.37 @ Box

Aerocool Dead Silence Blue Gaming Cube Case £50.37 @ Box

Found 2nd Dec 2016
Aerocools DS-Cube, with its elegant appeals and clean design, is the perfect chassis for latest small-form-factor components! Users have the choice between total of six colour variations. Furthermore, each of the models is equipped with a removable and exchangeable top-cover, allowing users to switch between the plain-colour version for silence mode and a mesh-design version for improved airflow. Thanks to its compact size, DS-Cube is the perfect companion to attend LAN-Parties!

Only in blue, the other colours are substantially more expensive.

You can also pay via your Amazon account.

Toms Hardware says this is a pretty good case.

I've just ordered one myself, to rehouse my daughters PC when its Xeon chip and water-cooler turn up.
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that looks like a really nice case! Good price too
It's a pretty good case, I've had one (White on white with side window) for 3 years now.
Here's the review OP mentions:-…tml

Stuff to remember:-

Mini-ITX & Micro-ATX motherboards only, which fit horizontally.
Top will take a 240mm radiator for water cooling
Limited depth for PSU
Racks for 2x 2.5inch SSD & 3x 3.5inch HDD
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I have this in black. It just about houses my EVGA G2 650, make sure you check the length of your PSU. I think the max size is 165mm. Great case though, it's silent, fits in my massive cooler (Dark Rock 3) and 300mm GPU.
Quite tempted by this, is it only Blue at that price though?
Great price. I got one from Amazon a few months ago for £65.

One word of note - it might be a small form factor case but it absolutely isn't a small case. If you are looking for a tiny mATX case, this isn't it.

Quite tempted by this, is it only Blue at that price though?

Yes, the other colours are about £65-£80, depending where you look; I guess "Elsa Blue" isnt popular - except with pre-school girls with a Frozen fixation.
(that will be my daughter then!!)
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