Aerolite cabin size/hand luggage weighing under a kilo and with 40 litre capacity.  £9.99 at Watt Bros

Aerolite cabin size/hand luggage weighing under a kilo and with 40 litre capacity. £9.99 at Watt Bros

Found 13th Jul 2012
Roughly 40% to 67% of the price elsewhere, I bought one of these and was really impressed by the range available at Watt Bros, and picked this from about a dozen hand luggage sized bags.

It's 55 x 37 x 20cm, 3cm narrower than Ryanair's 40cm capacity (so matches other airlines slightly narrower specs too) - and being only 850g leaves more weight for your own luggage, being roughly a kilo lighter than the lightest with wheels and 2kg lighter than spinners. So it's the way to get most you want on trips only using hand luggage, and was massively more robust than the lighter thin nylon options.

Webbing handles, with a velcro closing grip, and pockets at each end and to the front. The handles are mounted onto webbing going round the body, and it seems robust (it brought 15kg of shopping back without issue). U shaped lockable zip on the top and all pockets are zipped too, all with cast/shaped aluminium pullers . Bottom has a removable stiffening card, and comes with a shoulder strap too.

The only issue I have found is the sides bow out well over 20cm when really packed with clothes - but it was over the 10kg, and packing to accommodate this will fix the issue (although it will still squash into the cage they use).

It more than pays for itself the first time it saves you taking hold luggage.

Instore only obviously as Watt Bros don't sell online, or even have a website.

Any questions about it? - It's here and I don't bite!
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This one also looks quite interesting at HomeBargains £9.99. I already have the Cabin Max bag but think I'll get this also to satisfy my bag obsession.

COLD its 9.99 I don't think so please supply a link as yours doesn't work
Hot! But think you've got to go there. I am going to go for these…g_2 &…p_9 There are lots diferent of colours & styles to choose from. Think they are on the small side, but I would rather that than have to worry about certain airlines & what they accept. Like the idea of having a few pockets so can easly get to an item.

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