Aether Cone - WiFi and Bluetooth Speaker £49 @ Direct Tvs

Aether Cone - WiFi and Bluetooth Speaker £49 @ Direct Tvs

Found 21st May 2016
The Aether Cone is a high end WiFi and Bluetooth speaker system which lets you play music from smartphones, tablets, laptops and more using Bluetooth and WiFi airplay. With its rechargeable battery you can take it anywhere as well - room to room or out and about with you. You'll get about 8 hours of music from a single charge, impressive!

Was £300 - Now £49
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Have you got one of these, they look nice can get a lot of Bluetooth speaker for £50 these days.
From hometheaterreview. I'll pass but thanks for posting.
"Aether has discontinued its operations, and the acquisition and consequent shutdown of the Rdio streaming service means that the unique features of this product, like voice search, are no longer active. If you've purchased an Aether Cone, you can perform a firmware update that turns the speaker into a basic AirPlay/Bluetooth tabletop speaker and adds Spotify Connect. More details are available at"
"As for its sound quality, the Aether Cone's performance is solid but not spectacular. With compressed streaming sources, it performed admirably, serving up a balanced sound that was not overly boomy nor overly bright. However, when I switched to higher-quality AIFF demo tracks streamed over AirPlay, the limitations of the Cone's design and size became more apparent. With only a single three-inch "woofer," the Cone is lean in the lower midrange and bass departments. Bass notes from "All Together Now" by The Beatles were clean and well defined, but the lower bass notes in Steve Earle's "Goodbye" were virtually nonexistent, and the harmonica didn't have a lot of meat or breath to it."
Great price since these were £300 before - and the review rating was based on the higher price... Have some heat.
bought 2 of these and was not too impressed with the sound to be honest. Worth £49 but no where near the quality of a £300 speaker
just ordered 1 for missus. I think this speaker is only good for acoustic music.
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